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Special thanks to Bugman (Problem car cutting off with new ICM resolved)

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  • jt999
    Well done Bugman , it's always nice to see feedback like this!

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  • Bugman
    Thanks. Happy to have been of help.

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  • Special thanks to Bugman (Problem car cutting off with new ICM resolved)


    Happy new year to the best Corsa forum!

    I'm so happy my problem is resolved, Special thanks to Bugman.

    Opel corsa B keeps cut off with new ICM - Forums

    after 17 days, my car works fine and don't cut off.

    The problem was that: with a chinese ICM Huizhong (Ignition control module), my car works fine! but when i change it by a new one (GM Original, TOPRAN, HUGO), my engine cut off

    Bugman said: "The problem may be that one or more of the female electrical contacts on the terminal block ( that plugs into the ICM) were not making a good electrical contact with the male pins on the ICM. It may be too loose, or corroded and dirty .Its possible the male pins on the Huizhong are slightly bigger than those on the other makes, so the connector plug is a better fit than it was before"

    It's a genius analysis Bugman!!! Yes it was the real problem!! i cleaned the connector and reinstalled the old ICMs and the car works fine!

    Thanks again for your precious help