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  • [Corsa D] Air intake meter

    Hi Guy

    I am having a little problem with my Corsa D diesel the other day I had to change my drivers side H7 bulb which was a mission in its self.. So I removed the air box and the air flow meter picture included below changed blub and I throught everything was good.. Oh no when starting the engine it run for about 2 secs then cut I removed the lead that connects to the air flow meter and it started like it always did but the lead is now disconnected .could I possiblely put something back on wrong? I connected the little hose under the air box and the intake hose..I have changed the light before but have never took off the air flow meter please help

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    I wonder of this is a fourm where people just read and offer no advice or assistance at all looking at the last few new posts on the main menu lots of views but not one reply lol shame on you


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      I feel that it is a little unfair to make comments such as the above.
      To avoid misleading people, the forum specifically asks us NOT to comment unless we know the answer to a question, this is in order to avoid providing wrong information.
      There are times when I answer a question with remarks such as, " There may be a problem with such and such, so it might be worth checking the ........"

      In your case, the only item that appears to be related to your problem, is the plug and socket to the air flow meter, so it might be worth checking the continuity of said plug and socket.

      It is seldom easy to remotely diagnose a problem unless a person has come across the same problem themselves, which in this case, it would appear that nobody (so far) has.



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        Thanks.. I apologise for my previous rant point taken


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          Accepted, it can be exasperating when you need an answer and no one comes up with one.



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            Yer that it can I just think people myself included think every answer can be found on here. I what was said people can't really advise if they have never had the same problem


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              Sometimes when an old post is reopened,such as the broken pipe issue there are thousands of views. But most of the 8000+ views would have been others looking for a solution ,or simply reading all posts ,not those who know the answer. Hopefully it will have helped many of them,and continue to do so.

              I try not to comment when I dont know the answer for sure ,(which is often) but will sometimes offer ideas , especially if no one , more knowledgeable , has answered. Sometimes its just stating the obvious .

              Here is my theoretical suggestion for your problem. Based on logic. . It may not work , but at least shouldnt do any harm or cost money to try.

              I have changed the headlight bulb a few times by moving the air flow meter out of the way , but do so without unplugging its wiring connector.( Actually the recommended way of changing the bulb is to remove the front bumper!)

              The ECU monitors various sensors ,often by measuring slight variations in electrical resistance. The ECU can cope with no signal at all if the AFM is unplugged. It simply makes do with the readings its getting from other sensors. The problem comes when the AFM is giving a signal of sorts but its seriously wrong , resulting in incorrect metering of fuel and air .

              Its possible when you unplugged the ecu that dirt got into the terminals ,or slight corrosion on the contacts was disturbed. When reconnected the electrical resistance may have been way out. Try cleaning both the male and female contacts with electrical contact cleaner (switch cleaner) .

              Some folk have tried to improve things by cleaning the sensor itself , ie in the air flow. . This works on some brands but not others. Its NOT what I am suggesting. After all the AFM worked fine up until you unplugged it.. . But if all else fails and you are resolved to replace the AFM anyway you could give it a try first.

              I do not have the knowledge to suggest fitting a new AFM, which are quite expensive. But if you do end up changing it pay a bit more for OE quality such as Bosch. . Some of the aftermarket ones are a bit unreliable. And the old connector on the car might still be dirty.

              Let us know how you get on. Details of a cure helps others.

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                Hi Bugmsn

                Thank you for the detailed information and taking the time to reply what you say makes a lot of sence...unlike vauxhall expecting you to take the bumper off thats ridiculous really isn't I as I bet a lot of other people have trouble getting the bonnet up lol..😁

                I have since found out the problem this morning ... I was the problem I put the AFM back to front!!!! 😤 lol

                But thanks everyone for your help


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                  Thanks for letting us know. Air flowing the wrong way would certainly confuse the AFM !

                  I think bumper removal is fairly quick and easy once you've done a few. For a workshop it probably saves them time and a lot of fiddling. Its not just GM. Changing a bulb on my daughters Audi was also a nightmare.