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Corsa 1.4 diesel gust stopped ,

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  • Corsa 1.4 diesel gust stopped ,

    Hi I’m new to this forum and need help,my corsa was running fine then stopped I have all lights on dash but will not crank over,checked battery and starter motor,still not turning over,then it decides to turn over but not start then back to nothing any help would be great thanks.ian

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I know that you said you have checked the battery and starter, but the way I read your post, it sounds very much like a battery problem.

    If you have access to a voltmeter or multimeter, I would suggest that you connect that to both battery terminals (setting a multimeter to DC Volts)

    Make sure that the car is out of gear and the hand brake is applied.
    Have an assistant operate the starter for you and read the volts whilst the starter is engaged - should be a minimum of 9.5 volts.
    If the voltage drops much lower than that, it is almost certainly a flat or faulty battery.

    If you don't have a meter, you can get some idea by standing a board or similar in front of the car, turning on the headlights and noting the brightness on the board.
    Now operate the starter.
    Even with a good battery, the lights will dim somewhat, but if they go out or VERY dim, again the battery is the main suspect, although you could try removing the terminals and cleaning them, whilst the battery is disconnected, you could also clean and tighten the starter motor terminal and the engine earth connections.

    If the voltage stays pretty well the same, or the lights do not dim when the starter is operated, there may be a poor connection or starter may be faulty.

    As you say that the starter does work at times but you seem to suggest that it doesn't have much power, that probably suggests that the key switch and the wiring up to the solenoid is OK.



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      Thanks’ Walsall, have changed the battery even put a jump from another battery on but still the same, what I can’t get my head round is it was out side the garage running and just stopped, it has plenty of diesel, i tried starting it nothing, tapped starter nothing, left the car for 20 mins and it turned over but did not start then nothing again, could it be key or immobiliser thanks, Ian


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        Have you also checked the condition and security of the connections at the other ends of the main battery leads, where they connect to the starter motor and engine earth, as suggested by Walksall?

        If not ,you may have a good battery and connections at the battery end yet still have a poor connection at the other end of the leads. . If the leads do not go directly to the starter (positive) and engine block (negative ),its best to also check the connections on any secondary heavy duty wiring.

        There could be a problem with the ignition switch/immobiliser For instance a dodgy switch may sometimes switch on the ignition and lights, and allow the starter to turn over , but may not be supplying power to the security radio transmitter, so the car remains immobilised. (as you may know this sends a weak radio signal to a transponder in the car key, that sends a coded signal to the ECU which then allows the car to start.) And at other times the same dodgy switch may not even turn the ignition on.

        The ECU often immobilises the fuel pump. If you get ignition lights but cannot hear the fuel pump priming the system, this could mean the car is still immobilised.

        But sorry I dont know enough to be sure it is the ignition/immobiliser, or how it could be fixed. Better to get further opinions and research before spending too much time or money in this area.


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          I'm just wondering, if what you are describing might just be down to a 'hydraulic lock' - this is where coolant has entered one or more cylinders and (as water is not compressible) prevents the engine from turning over.
          The reason for my thinking, is that when you have left the car for 20 minutes, it turned over again - this might happen if the offending coolant had, in that time, drained past the piston rings.

          You could try turning the engine backwards, either by using a spanner on the crankshaft nut, or by putting the car in (say) fourth gear and pushing it BACKWARDS.
          This is NOT a cure for a hydraulic lock, but might indicate if this is what's causing your problem.

          The causes of a hydraulic lock include: Passing through flood water (obviously not in your case, as the car was stationary); Failed cylinder head gasket; cracked cylinder head.

          If the engine still won't turn over after turning it backwards, at least you have hopefully eliminated that possibility.



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            Maybe Lanber can clarify what is meant by the engine 'not turning over' . I had assumed this meant the ignition remained dead with no lights and the starter motor doesnt even try to crank. While at other times the ignition lights appear and the starter cranks the engine over as normal but it does not start.

            I assumed the running engine stopped suddenly because of an electrical fault , and the lights reappearing after 20 minutes was just coincidence,sometimes working sometimes not.

            But maybe it cut out because of overheating . If the starter is trying to crank the engine but physically cant shift it at times (and its not due to poor battery or connections) hydraulic lock is a possibility. Have you checked the coolant level in the header tank? No loss of coolant may help eliminate the possibility of overheating and enough coolant to cause a hydraulic lock must have come from somewhere..

            If the ECU stopped the engine as a safety measure due to overheating its possible it wont let it start again until the cause is fixed and the fault codes cleared from the ecu. Just an idea. I dont know if the ecu actually does this. But while it could explain the cranking but no start, I'm not sure it would explain away the ignition sometimes not activating at all -if this is indeed what happens.


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              Hi,when I said the engine would not turn over I meant that all lights came on when ignition was turned even the light telling me the heater plugs were on but on the second stage of the key nothing happened. I’ve had the key checked and it is sending the right signals so next step is electronics in car,thanks for all help Regards Ian.


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                From what you are saying there, it would be worth checking the 'ignition; switch itself.