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Corsa B power steering circuit diagram.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B power steering circuit diagram.

    Hi everyone,

    Ive just joined this forum and am in desperate need of some information.

    I’m adapting a classic mini for a disabled driver and am fitting a kit made up from a Corsa steering column with steering ECU. It has a small additional box that generates the speed signal and allows the power assistance rate to be adjusted manually.

    I just can’t get it to work!! I’m going mad fiddling with it.

    has anyone a proper circuit diagram for the set up?

    All my connections are good, the guys that made the kit up tested it and it worked, we even made videos of each other testing it and my procedures were identical. It’s been tested in the car and on the bench.

    if anyone has any ideas or decent circuit diagrams please help!!!

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      Hi Welcome to the forum

      Wiring diagrams often seem to be difficult to come by unless you subscribe to a paid for service. Free ones seem to be of the " 'open bonnet , disconnect item, reassembly is a reverse of the above" variety .

      You say the steering works when tested on the bench and when installed in the car. Can it be made to work on a simple level with the ecu disconnected , or will it only work with the ECU connected?
      If you havnt tried without the ecu this might be a test you could try. If it only works with the ecu this makes it less likely there is a problem with the ecu but doesnt eliminate the possibility. .Or the way its wired to the Mini. A corsa wiring diagram might not help much here.

      Looking on the pessimistic side if you connected it up wrong at any stage to the mini, even momentarily, , you could have fried the ecu. Especially with reversed polarity. And there's a thought. Some classic cars have positive earth battery connections.

      If you think the ecu and wiring are ok it may be a problem with the little controller box. These are specific to the corsa. Are you sure you have the correct type? I dont know much about this conversion but looking on line most of these controllers also need a separate adjustment knob plugged in. Have you got the correct type, and could this be faulty?

      Sorry if this is not much help. You may already have covered this in your bench and on car testing.

      I'd be interested to know how you get on. Especially on how a mini copes with power steering if its on 10" wheels with spindly tyres. . When I first drove a corsa I was surprised how light and rapid the the electric steering was compared to my Yaris. Be careful you or the owner dont over steer and crash on the first corner .
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