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  • Clutch switch

    Want to try to fit cruise control so been trying to find clutch switch on my van but can only find this. Picture 1 which I believe is clutch pedal sensor. Is this same thing or should it have clutch switch aswell picture 2. If so where should it be located as it's a pig to see anything unless you are 6" tall.

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    I'm not sure but I think they are two different types. You wouldnt normally have both. Whichever type is fitted it wont be easy,or even possible to fit a second one in the same place, and the pedal box is unlikely to also have a second fitting point that takes the other type. . The diesel engine is a Fiat design and the switch might be completely different and in a different location. If so this might be an advantage . If the car/van uses the same pedal box as petrol cars it might mean the switch mounting position is not in use.

    If your project requires its own clutch switch does it actually have to be one of these complex switches?. One of the following might be much easier to fit.

    1) a motorcycle spring pull brake light switch. These work by a spring pulling the plunger from the switch. Pull rather than push. Fit the switch somewhere convenient, and the spring to the pedal. On some cars with an exposed arm by the bell housing this type switch could be attached at that end rather than at the pedals.
    If you search E bay under 'spring pull brake switches' you will find several types that might suit.

    2) a smaller and more simple plunger switch as used on car doors for the interior lights . Mount it bearing against the clutch pedal arm.

    3) A magnetic contact switch as used on domestic burglar alarms. Thats assuming it can carry enough amps for your needs.

    There may be other options. Or could it be possible to make the existing switch serve both functions? But this may require advanced circuitry, using one way diodes etc.

    You may find more room to work if you remove the drivers seat from the van. At the investigation and planning stage there is a 6" friend that can help. Video it with a smart phone.
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