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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Plug type

    does anyone know what type of plug this is called.
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    Sorry I dont know. I think its general type is two pin female sealed (ie weather sealed)

    Some plugs are universal. They may differ in design detail between makers, but for instance a bulb connector will fit the pins on the standard bulb. for that light fitting

    But electrical component makers also produce a wide range of connector designs that are unique to them.They may supply both male and female in line connector that they claim is better weather sealed,etc. and persuade car makers to buy them .Sometimes they make large components that only accept their own brand of connector. Car makers often change original Equipment (OE) suppliers they use depending on availability, price, reliability etc. It would help to know what it plugs into.

    Does it have a makers brand or part numbers? . If you know its made by Delphi , or Bosch for instance this might help you track down the list of specialised connectors that company makes.. The same connector may be suitable for various uses on various makes of car.


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      It's on my corsa under the front wing on both sides. They are unused so I presume they are for front fogs. However they are different to Corsa fogs I have bought. Mine is a 2012 facelift fogs out of 2007.


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        Have you checked with a multimeter or a test bulb to see if the plug pins are live when you switch the fog light circuit on?

        If the wires are definitely for the fog lights you can concentrate your search on whoever made the OE fog lights for your age of car. Could be Delphi , Valeo, Bosch etc. You may be able to tell from images of new lights from that maker what connector they use. They might sell a conversion kit/extension lead.

        I'm surprised if they dont use the standard H10 or H11 bulb socket as shown on your earlier thread but maybe its incorporated in the light design.

        If all else fails you may have to solder on a H10/H11 socket , which may be easier to source. Probably best to use heat shrink tube etc etc to waterproof it., and keep the original sockets in case you have to revert back.

        Also a good idea to search on line ,for specialist automotive connector suppliers who show hundreds of images of fancy connectors ,rather than just looking under Opel/vauxhall or light fittings.