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Colour-Info-Display updates & Google Maps sound issue

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Colour-Info-Display updates & Google Maps sound issue

    Hi there, I dont know if anyone can advise me but have you come across the following issue.

    My wife has 2015 Corsa 1.2(14on) 5dr ener A/C99 and she wants to use her iphone 7 and google maps for navigation with the volume coming through the car speakers.

    The phone is connected via Bluetooth as well lightening cable from the USB port in the area located near the gear stick.

    My questions are can this be achieved (I've removed the phone from Bluetooth list and re-added) and would it help if the on-board computer (colour info display) had the software updated if this is possible to do?

    Many thanks for any advice.