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ABS light on all the time on dash

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  • ABS light on all the time on dash

    ABS light on dash is on all time, asked garage to look at brakes and said ok so could anyone help me...

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    I would suggest that you have the fault codes checked, as there is obviously some sort of problem, even if the mechanical parts of the braking system are in good order.
    I'm a little surprised that the garage didn't do that when you explained the problem to them.

    I would advise that you DO NOT use the car until the problem has been remedied.



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      How did the Garage check the brakes? Roll and road. Or just jump in drove it round the block. As Walksall said why didn't the garage read the codes. I would take it to another garage and ask them to read the codes. Something you could check. Look at the front disc and see if any of them are rusted. A sign the brakes are not working. Common problem on the corsa d . Usually the N/S/F. 


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        Even when my brake discs were badly rusted the ABS light did not activate. Both were equally bad, but working well enough to pass a proper rolling road brake test for efficiency and L/R balance was within legal limits.( I saw the figures on the computer screen and thought it was pushing its luck on balance, so I investigated further and found the less visible inner side of the discs badly rusted.

        With hindsight the ABS was activating more often than it should. on even slightly slippery surfaces. Not an ABS fault. It was correctly detecting slight skidding of one wheel or the other due to the slight imbalance and trying to compensate. The problem was with the discs/calipers.

        In your case its more likely a fundamental problem with the fairly complex ABS system. Maybe a faulty sensor.

        Like the others I am surprised a pro garage did not spot the ABS problem. Even if you only asked for the discs and pads to be checked. A continuous ABS light is an MOT failure.


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          Check the inductor rings on the driveshafts if it has them, it’s very common for a crack to do as described, worn brakes or rusted discs won’t effect abs, just reduce breaking effort, if a lights on it’s something electrical or related to the sensors like the abs rings or the magnetic rings on the rear of the bearings

          regardless it needs plugging in and testing as of the light is on it will point towards a fault which the mechanic then has to fault find and get the cause of, there are lots of things that may cause a single fault


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            Thankyou for all answers and am having someone look at it in next few days as two garages I have taken it to just don't seem to want to know about it....