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68 Corsa few electrical problems?

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  • [Corsa E] 68 Corsa few electrical problems?

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    With what is virtually a brand new car you should take it back and get them to fix it free under warranty.

    Modern cars have CAN BUS electrics meaning many of the electrics on the car are controlled by computer . The wiring loom does not just act as simple electrical connections, switching off and on through conventional switches, as in the past , they also transmit computer data,in affect part of a sophisticated computer network. The tyre pressure monitoring system is also computer controlled. Can bus allows the car to do many clever tricks that were never possible in the past.

    If its any consolation I think all of these problems could have the same route cause due to a glitch in the cars ECU (electronic control unit ) computer . So in effect its one fault, not several.

    These systems are normally reliable and I dont think Vauxhalls are any worse than other makes in this respect. But can bus electrics are beyond my knowledge and diagnosis of problems often involves the use of yet another computer at the garage.

    Incidentally I doubt a car with 68 miles on the clock was ever used as a 'demonstrator' Its probably just delivery mileage. For reasons I dont quite understand main dealers often pre register cars in their own name etc prior to sale then sell them as 'used'. Its probably to meet sales target quotas on time to ensure a good price from the manufacturers in future. Or some sort of tax/business accounting fiddle (legitimate avoidance )