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Haunted electric window!

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  • [Corsa D] Haunted electric window!


    I recently replaced the window regulator on my other half's Corsa. During the replacement it was all working fine (able to be lowered and raised including the one-touch feature in both directions). Shortly after putting all the trim back on and reconnecting the switch it started behaving oddly. Either when turning on the ignition or when disconnecting and then reconnecting the switch the window would automatically lower all the way down. It would then let me raise it again using the switch but wouldn't let me lower it. I assumed I'd done something weird when reconnecting the switch or resembling the door so tried to resolve the issue by removing the fuse for a while to reset it. Fixed the problem and all worked fine again. However, every few days the issue returns (everytime the ignition is turned on the window lowers all the way down and can only be raised) but it can be resolved by again, removing the fuse to reset things. Not a big problem but it's starting to get pretty irritating.

    Any ideas as to what the cause might be or failing that any simpler/quicker way to reset it?


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It would be worthwhile checking the wiring inside the rubber conduit between the door pillar and the door.
    As these cables have to flex each time that the door is opened or closed, they can either break all together or the insulation can fail which an result in strange things happening.

    There are other possibilities, but from experience, I would start with checking the above.

    let us know what you find and if all is in good order there, we will have another think about it.



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      Thanks very much for the advice. I'll have a look in the next couple of days and post an update.