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    near side wing mirror got no power

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    Assuming you have switched the rocker switch from R to L to swop the power and mirror direction controls over to the near side, it sounds like there is a loose connection somewhere.

    This may be the wires to the nearside door and /.or mirror, but could also be the connections to the rocker switch or directional controls that are in the drivers door. Or the rocker switch itself could be faulty.

    As far I am aware both sides share the same fuse, so if one side works its probably not a fuse .


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      It'd be helpful if you could give a little more detail, has it ever worked in your ownership (and if so, has there been any damage to it), if you've tried anything etc
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        Welcome to the Forum.

        It might be worth checking the cables inside the flexible conduit between the door pillar and the door - It is generally the drivers door that suffers first (as it is used more)but due to constant flexing, these cables can eventually break.



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          hi my name is trev car is a corsa d 57 not worked since ive had it tryed new switch still the same av took mirror out seems to be ok not looked at wires in door yet


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            one other thing airbag light keeps flashing any ideas


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              An airbag light flashing is an MOT failure. Its possibly due to a loose multi pin connector so you could try checking the condition and security of connectors in the wiring loom, ,around the steering column,under the dashboard and where they plug into the BCU etc. If you are really lucky the same loose connector might also be affecting the mirrors.

              If you have not long had the car you might be unlucky and find the previous owner has deliberately knobbled or even removed a faulty airbag to avoid the cost of parts and repairs. Beyond that I cannot help. .


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                Hi sorted wing mirror took door card off and mirror to find it wasn't pluged in. Simple things ah.thank you