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Error code on Odometer?

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  • [Corsa D] Error code on Odometer?

    Got a 2007 Design, and every so often when I start the engine, in place of my trip mileage I get a number '3' and just below that what looks like a headlamp icon. I've tried google and the manual but cannot find out what this means. Anyone have any idea?

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    Automatic headlight levelling system fault (illuminates yellow) according to this

    Unsure as to what the number could be referencing though, sorry
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      With manual levelling adjustment you normally have a number indicating the current headlamp height level (eg lower than normal if you are towing or have a heavy load. ) Maybe if the auto levelling stops working the number shows the level it is stuck on. ?


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        Bugman is correct, the number represents how high or low your headlamp height level is set to. I believe the range is from 0 - 3. I always have mine set to 2 so every time I turn the car on it quickly reminds me that the headlamp height is set to 2 and then disappears and shows the mileage screen as usual.

        Try change your headlamp height (there should be plus and minus button(s) near the headlight knob) and see if the number changes. I have attached a picture below.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	92b8c0a093574ca584c824fea00467b9.jpg Views:	0 Size:	184.8 KB ID:	123220