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Heater resistor and connector

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Heater resistor and connector

    I need to replace the resistor and the connector to the loom.I have the usual problem of the fan only working on high setting 4.I just have 4 wires from the loom to the connector but every repair section I see on the net shows 5 wires (usually an extra brown) Can anyone clarify for me? The car is a 2009 SXi auto.Thanks.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    I think it may be to do with climate control. I have seen them advertised for corsa D's as being suitable for cars with and without standard Airconditioning , but NOT for cars with climate control. If your car has climate control you may need a different one. (I think corsa C's may only have 4 pins but I dont know if these are compatible. )


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      Thanks for the welcome. I've ordered the resistor which is very likely to be faulty as all the symptoms are there.It should connect ok to the harness plug as it is a Denso part. My Corsa has manual A/C but no climate control.What I need to know is what happens to the spare wire if I order a repair harness & connector? None of the ones I see advertised have the 4 wires. They all have 5 wires (usually an extra brown wire of heavy gauge)


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        Ah.My climate control theory is wrong then. I've just had another look and the one for climate control cars has a completely different design.

        Apart from this I cannot find anything other than the 5 pin GM13248240 for the corsa D. Your car might be different because its an automatic .These have slightly different wiring requirements and its loom may be more like the corsa B or C which only has 4 pins. I have had a quick look but cannot find any separate listings for automatics,but its possible.

        I would have thought the heavy duty wire would have been fundamental to it working. Why else would it have one?

        Has it ever worked properly in your ownership ? I'm wondering at the slight possibility a previous owner made an unsuccessful attempt to fit a 4 pin one from a corsa B or C and maybe snipped the brown wire off. ?


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          Thanks for your further help. I'm the second owner of a very low mileage car. The a/c and fan speed controls worked perfectly until recently until the fan motor only worked on high setting 4.The ac is always on so I've probably burnt out the resistor on settings 1/2/3. I'll replace the resistor and check the harness. I can always cut the damaged wire back and make a new connection.Thanks again.