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Electric windows and mirrors not working Xi4

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  • [Corsa D] Electric windows and mirrors not working Xi4

    Hi guys, looking for some help locating a plug on the BCM.

    My son has bought a 2008 Corsa D Breeze diesel. The electric windows and mirrors aren't working. The windows would go up and down off the key fob, but I have somehow deprogrammed that feature. So the motors are good. The fuses to the motor controllers in the doors are also fine. The fuse to the BCM is good.

    So I have a Haynes online manual which tells me where the switches are fed from, the BCM, it also tells me the wire colour and plug number/pin number. What I am struggling with is locating plug Xi4 on the BCM and can't find any info online. Pin 20 is supposed to feed 12v to the driver (which also feeds the mirrors) and passenger door, however I am only getting 2V on the plugs at the doors. I have checked the looms into the doors (I think that's how I deprogrammed the key fob feature). I have checked the plug pin inputs to ground and seeing a open circuit there so I don't think the 12V is being pulled down (though could be wrong).

    I want to disconnect the supply to the door switches and check the output from the BCM, if it goes back to 12V then I know I have a wiring problem, if it stays at 2V then I know its the BCM not switching properly, and then I'll probably make a switched live circuit to switches and forget the BCM. I have controlled the windows this way to test them.

    Sorry for the long winded first post, but hopefully I have supplied plenty of information there.

    Failing to ID the plugs, I'll have to go through the laborious task of going through ALL the drawings for the BCM making a pin out schematic and hopefully be able to cross ref the plugs from their starting colours (if that makes sense).

    Thanks in advance.

    I will add, if I go for the workaround then I will keep the Xi4/20 pins disconnected as not to feedback into the BCM.
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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    I was reluctant to comment, as I know almost nothing about BCM's , Ecu's and the like and you seem to already be way ahead of me. I've no idea what the Xi4 pin is for instance.

    But hoping to learn more i did a bit of research. This ebay listed showed me that ttheeh BCM also has two connectors on the back. Vauxhall CORSA D 2006-2014 Body Control Module BCM GM13142241 for sale online | eBay

    After crawling around in the floorwell of my left hand drive 2010 1.3cdti with a mirror. I found my BCM does indeed have two multi connectors plugged in at the rear one of which is also a 20 pin connector.

    Have you checked these? Could they be the pins you seek?
    Also pin 20 might actually be pin 1 if you have looked from the wrong perspective , making pin 4 pin 16 (I think. ) Or maybe pin 20 is at the front of the BCM and pin Xi4 at the rear. or vice versa.

    If you do have to resort to tracing the pins from coloured wires you may be able to speed the process up by piercing target wires using a very sharp needle then reading continuity between the needle and the pin/socket . You might also be able to check the voltage of pin 20 by the same method, But I dont know much about sensitive micro electronics.pcb's etc so this could cause damage to the circuits. You would need to confirm that its safe yourself.


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      Bugman, thanks for your reply. I was aware that the BCM had 2 plug connections on the back. Which makes it all the worst, overall of the multi's there are 2 qty 60 pin, 2 qty 20 pin and 1 qty 32 pin. I went through all of the diagrams in the Haynes manual last night in work and made a pin reference chart. The highest pin connection number I could get for plug Xi4 was 32, so as there's only one of those. The plug pin connections are moulded into the BCM plastic. 1 in one corner then 16 and back to 17 next to one up to 32. I will however cross ref the colours of the cores with my reference chart. I knew nothing of BCM's etc before a few days ago, but with some internet research I've got the grasp of they do and why cars are made this way now. I'm an electrician in a factory so although car electrical systems are a different world I can still read the diagrams and understand the control and use of the BCM, which in fact not only switches out 12V to some circuits but for some of the relays it switches the 0V to energise a coil. I'm going to investigate further after my tea. The Xi4/20 means plug Xi4, using pin connector 20. Thanks again.


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        Oh well. It was a thought . Its well beyond my knowledge now! Sorry.


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          Hey we're getting together and helping each other is what its about and forums like this one. So I'll continue the thread when I have more answers as the question on this problem has come up several times online but no solid answers. I'm not sure if I'll have an answer but it won't be for the lack of trying.


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            So the 32 pin plug is defo Xi4. Checked the core colours to pin connectors I already know which was about 80%, the others were not being used. Just to double check, put a volt meter on the door switch live and showing 2V, snipped the core from Xi4/20 and voltage dropped to 0V. Voltage from BCM is 12V, so BCM is good. Had a little wiggle test on the loom behind the BCM V is now at 6V, however when switches connected this drags down to 0V, so 2 new switches needed, and further investigation into the 6V instead of 12V, so going in the right direction. Have also reprogrammed the key fob feature by putting a live on the up door switches pin for 6s. So both windows now working again with fob.

            Will continue fault finding the low V, and order some 2nd hand switches.


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              I looked at those bunched wiring looms to the BCM and thought 'eek' . I am proud of the bat detector I assembled from a pcb, and replacing the faulty power board on my televison (Got a newer and better TV first of course while my wife was still amenable to the idea of an upgrade ) . But heck, good luck. I hope being a sparks helps.


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                I deal with automation in work so it's not too bad. Now the dirty mechanical stuff, makes me shiver!!


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                  So got back to work on this issue today. All looms through both doors are fine, can work the windows via a short from the cabin light but still 6V from the BCM. Started to pull about with the cabling and managed to get up to 10V, Great that'll be enough, right? Nope try using any switch or mirrors and down to 0V it goes. Was going to pack up for the day but one last look at the drawings made me think of the connection to both doors. So one wire out of the BCM means it has to turn into three wires connected somewhere, tracing one of the cores down the passenger foot well, had to take off the plastic trim by the side of the seat, traced another couple of inches and found the connection, which proceeded to snap off completely leaving the three cores with no conductors showing. Made off the cores and crimped them nicely, meter rose to a nice healthy 12V and everything working fine. Made all connections I created sound then packed up.

                  One happy family member, who can now use the drive though counter

                  So I tried internet searches to see where it would lead at first, the questions were asked but not answered, so I've documented my resolution on the forum so it may help someone in the future.


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                    Drive through counter then a flick of the electric windows? Is that a good thing? When I was young at least we got some exercise walking to the chip shop. And there were six of us living in a cardboard box.

                    Glad its sorted and what could have been complex electronics actually turned out to fundamental wiring issues.


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                      We lived under a plastic sheet and worked 25hrs a day.

                      Hope it helps someone someday, which is what these forums are for.



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                        I can see the headlines " Youngsters with faulty car windows saved from starvation by Deliveroo takeaway " . Plastic sheet? we had to waterproof t' box with chip fat. Life was lard.

                        Just joshing. No offence meant, I know faulty electric windows can be a pain in the bum.