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  • [Corsa D] Immobiliser

    Hi, a relative of mine has a 2010 Corsa. He dropped his key fob and it came apart. Later in the day, after driving it a couple of times, it refused to start. The car/spanner light was flashing, electricals working and could hear the starter motor clicking. After inspecting the fob I noticed the chip was loose in it and a gap that looks to be it's home. Does it need to be soldered to the circuit to work or just present in the fob. Just trying to eliminate things as he can't really afford even a new key.

    Manys thanks

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    The Chip just sits it a slot on its own. And works by wireless signal. You've probably broken the circiut boad. A new key cost about 120 .


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      Thanks for that Restorer. I''l pass that on


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        Welcome to the Forum.

        I think that you may well have more wrong here than just the fob.
        The fact that you could hear the starter motor clicking may well be the clue. Also, I am not sure that ANYTHING wrong with the fob would cause the 'spanner light' to come 'on'.

        When the starter fails to turn the engine and you can here the clicking, it generally indicates either a flat battery, poor connections or a faulty starter motor (solenoid).

        Before spending money on it, it would pay to check, clean and tighten the main battery and starter connections, not forgetting the earth connection.
        For safety when doing this, disconnect the battery negative (-) connection first, and reconnect it last.
        You shouldn't need a radio code for disconnecting/reconnecting the battery, as the standard radio will not work on other cars for security reasons, thereby doing away with the need for a code.