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Feed required for 12v socket but controlled from first position of ignition key.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Feed required for 12v socket but controlled from first position of ignition key.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    We have just covered the radio fuse in another post, however, this was for the car rather than the van, but as you say, many things are common to both.
    For the Diesel car at least, the radio fuse is behind the battery FB1 and has a 20 Amp fuse.
    If your van does not have this fuse box, the chances are that Fuse 35 will serve the radio, this has a 5 Amp fuse.

    Make sure that you connect to the correct side of the fuse i.e. NOT the switch side - You can identify which side is which with a simple test light or a multimeter, by removing the fuse, connecting the test light (or meter) to to one of the fuse connections and the other side of the light (or meter) to earth - switch 'ON' the ignition and if the bulb lights (or the meter reads battery voltage) you are connecting to the WRONG side of the fuse holder.

    I personally dislike piggy-back connectors, as either you can never be sure that you have made a RELIABLE connection OR there is a chance that some of the cable strands have been cut through by the connector blade.



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      It sounds like walksalls dislike of piggy back connectors refers to the 'scotch lock/snap lock' type connectors that splice into a wire by using a blade that cuts through the insulation on the wire and bites into the bare wire. I share the same reservation about this type of connector and it may not be good enough here.

      But if the cigarette lighter live feed is ignition controlled as you want, and in a convenient location, you may be able to connect the twin charger to this feed .Make sure the connection is workmanlike, possibly soldering wires. . You may be able to connect to the earth wire to the earth used by the cigarette lighter, or find another.

      The twin charger can draw an additional 5 amps on top of whatever the cig socket is already supplying. You'd need to check the fuse is rated high enough to cope with it all.


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          My suggestion only works if the ciggie lighter works on position 1 for accessories. I'd initially thought it did, but now recall my corsa D it only works on position 2 with the ignition on. Sorry.

          Not sure but things may have changed when the corsa C went to can-bus electrics, or maybe just before , with some hybrid wiring options such as your constant live radio feed.

          There may no longer be heavy duty ignition wire from position 1 on the ignition switch that is powerful enough to run a radio or other accessories directly.

          I know very little about can bus electrics but a think the ignition switch area may be a thin wire that is sufficient enough to detect when the security chipped key is in proximity , and enables the ecu security so the car can be started etc. . I also get the impression that modern radios are powered primarily by a fairly thick constant live wire , but have a smaller wire that enables it to switch on and off. This may be enabled by the ECU .

          The fuse box has a relay called something like 'accessories circuits ' (R7 iirc.) I dont know what this does exactly but it might be the way the ecu activates a heavier duty accessories 'position 1' circuit.

          . This is way beyond my knowledge and its probably best not to mess with can bus and ecu's etc unless you are sure what you are doing. but it may be the basis for further research.

          It might be easier to take a more simple approach. Depending how often you might want usb power with no ignition on you may be able to wire it up to a constant live, with an illuminated on/off switch incorporated.