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  • [Corsa C] WAsher stalk back to front

    Firstly my Apologies if this been asked before, Bought Corsa 51 Plate comfort I Think it is, But the washer lever is back to Front, Ie as normal you pull towards and should spray windscreen, mine puts wipers on and sprays rear, if I push forward it will spray rear window and start front blades, jets work, wipers work but back to front, not got Haynes manual yet ordered it, is Just not right, can you actually wire them up backwards, stumped as have no idea

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    One possibility is the pump on the washer bottle has been wired up in reverse or the water pipes have been connected in reverse. I have worked on this area ,but my memory is a bit hazy and I cant access the car at present to remind myself. (in fact I am driving across europe soon and may not be able to reply again for about a week)

    The washer pump is connected to the underside of the washer bottle. I cant remember how well you can see it from above but you can see it by laying down by the front of the car and looking up from underneath. (dont climb under the car unless it is well supported on axle stands, not just on a jack. )

    The same pump serves both the front and rear washers. It does this by reversing the electrical polarity of the pump so it runs in reverse, then uses one way valves so flow is down the pipe to the rear rather than the one to the front.

    IIRC the pipe connections to the pump are quite a sophisticated hard plastic connector system. Its not just soft rubber pipe that slips on and easily reversed. But it may have happened. If you decide to remove them be careful how you do it. Also the electrical connection may have been reversed here . This polarity reversal could have happened at the switch end, but I think its more likely someone would have been working at the pump end.

    The washer bottle has a small filter in the bottom which supplies the water to the pump. This can easily get clogged with crud . Someone may have removed or replaced the pump in an attempt to cure this blockage. And may have reassembled it wrongly . Or possibly the one way valves in the pump are still clogged and water is being pumped along the wrong pipe.

    If you do suspect this filter ,or the one way valves in the pump, are clogged you may be able to clear them without disconnecting the pump.

    The dog legged filler neck on the washer bottle is removable. Just grab hold of it and pull it upwards. You will then be able to see into the bottle, and see the filter at the bottom. By repeated flushing out the bottle and filter area with a garden hose you may eventually be able to clear any blockage.

    You may have to do this ,or work on the pump connections with the bottle still fitted to the car. It is fixed in place with special rivets that would need to be drilled out, and suitable replacements found. Not impossible but an added complication you may prefer to avoid.

    Try searching this site under " washer bottle" 'washer pump ,washer bottle filter , blocked washer jets etc. . There may be more historic details.

    These are only possibilities. There may be another cause.
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