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  • [Corsa E] GPS not working

    I have an Corsa energy 2017 which has been working brilliantly but the past few weeks the GPS is not working when connected to android auto.
    Google maps on my phone works fine but as soon as I connect it to the car it says 'searching for GPS' and then does not direct me

    somebody please help me! Can't think what to do

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum

    My knowledge of the infotainment system in the corsa E is zero. (not even sure if 'infotainment' is the correct name )

    But in the past some folk have blamed the car system when the problem was with their phone. Sometimes the phone is incompatible, but thats not likely to be the problem if it has worked in the past. (unless the car system or the phone have in the mean time had a system update ,settings changed, reset to default etc.

    Have you checked your phone still has gps enabled and that communication between the two devices such as bluetooth is still enabled and paired. I know next to nothing about android either, but is it possible it can be set to deny other devices (and apps etc) using your gps location.

    You could try looking at forums for your particular make of phone and android version to see if there are known problems connecting it to Corsas .