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Corsa B - heater fan not working and blowing fuse...

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  • [Corsa B] Corsa B - heater fan not working and blowing fuse...

    Hi! My first post - sorry to be asking for help already. I''m sorting my mum's Corsa. It's a 1999 Auto with 21K on the clock - she's had it since about 2001.

    The heater fan/motor doesn't work. I've changed the 30A maxiblade fuse - which was blown - and the new fuse blew as soon as I switched the fan on - and the fan didn't come on either...

    Questions: is there a resistor that controls the fan motor - is it likely to be that?

    Could someone tell me now to get to the fan motor? I probably need to get it out to have a look at it, and perhaps replace it. I can't find anything online to work out how to get it out, though. I'm reasonably handy, but I just don't want to go pulling bits of trim off that don't need pulling off!



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    It probably is the heater resistor. The wires get hot on the resistor and melt together , blowing the fues. Resistor and part wire looms are on Ebay. If you remove the glove box , you will see the heater motor . Just follow the four wires back to the resistor. Let us know how you get on, or need more help.


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      I have removed the glove box and shelf underneath - I can see this - (image nicked from ebay) and the resistor is attached to the other side of the white block connector. Can I pull the block connector through, with the resistor? I've tried that, but I don't want to pull too hard in case it's not supposed to come out!


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        Yes its supposed to come out, they just pull out. I can't remember if on the corsa B , there pushed into slots or not .


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          Hmm... not sure this was supposed to come out quite this way, but it's out... Doesn't look to blown to me, but I've never seen a blown heater resistor before. I have a multimeter - do I need to do any more digging, or is it OK?


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            Yeah that's it. They can be difficult to get out. Well done. Do the wires look ok? You can check the ohms resistant on the terminals , by turning the blower speed from 1 to 4 . Cant remember what the resistants should be. But you should see it changing, when you turn the dial.


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              OK. I've put the resistor back in - ignition on. Blown maxiblade fuse replaced. open circuit/infinite resistance across the terminals going to the blower motor at all speeds on the dial. I changed to measure voltage across the same terminals - going to the blower motor. zero volts at the zero setting on the dial (where the fan symbol is) and then 14 volts (engine running) at steps 1 to 4 on the dial. There is a closed circuit/approx zero resistance across the wires attached to the motor, so I'm guessing it's the motor - am I right?

              That looks like a bu99er to get out... is it?


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                Hi , yeah it looks like the motor from your result.
                it's a long time since I've taken out a heater motor
                on a Corsa B ' back in the nineties. But I think I can remember that I took most of the Dash out to remove it. I did see one once where someone had cut part of the dash away to get it out. No air bags in those day..