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2008 Corsa 1.0 petrol

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  • [Corsa D] 2008 Corsa 1.0 petrol

    Can anyone identify this broken control box? Wires going into it are yellow, green, blue and brown. I found it hanging below the glovebox on my son's Corsa when he mentioned a burning smell. It's had a right good go at melting the carpet. lol Obviously it should have a cover and the previous owner has broken it off for some reason. The car has a few electrical niggles, so I'm expecting to find more of this sort of bodgery. Any help would be much appreciated. It's his first car and he loves the wee thing but buyer's remorse is kicking in at my end. lol Glove box is broken too, no doubt in their rush to use lots of electrical tape and youtube wisdom. lol Thanks in advance.

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      Resistor for blower fan. When they are not working your blower fan will only work on the highest setting.


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        Thanks bobduda. I'll get one ordered before his car goes up in flames.


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          Inspect the car to see if something else has caused the problem like a coolant leak in the heater box and inspect the wiring and connectors too. I would hate for you to buy another one install it and burn it also.


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            If you have a look at another post on here (Corsa 'C' fan control) You will find a picture of what it should look like.