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Corsa 1.2 Instrument Cluster

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  • [Corsa C] Corsa 1.2 Instrument Cluster

    If I fit a used instrument cluster to a 2002 1.2 corsa does it have to be programmed or is it just a straight swop

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    Hi welcome to the forum. Yes it has to be programed to the car , as the headunit (clocks) are part of the immobiliser system. And to program them you well need both security codes. Your corsa and the donor corsa you got the headunit from. What's wrong with the instrument cluster. There is a known fault with the corsa c. The wiring connection on the back plays up. Vauxhall do a part wiring loom for the headunit .but you have to cut and connect about 15 wires. Fiddly job but do able.


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      Thanks for the info. Sounds like you could be right I was suspecting circuit board because when you fiddle with the plug or wires it makes no difference
      All gauges not working i.e. speedo, rev counter, fuel & temp gauge. Warning lights around cluster are working as are all other electrics
      I presume this is only available through Vauxhall agents. Have you any idea on price of these?


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        Welcome to the Forum.
        As always, I tend to recommend AutoVaux for genuine Vauxhall parts, these are only available online, and are MUCH cheaper than from a Vauxhall dealer.



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          There are two fuses serving the instrument cluster, Fuse 3 and Fuse 22. Have you checked these?