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Corsa C 1.7CDTI (Trouble with Hot start)

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  • [Corsa C] Corsa C 1.7CDTI (Trouble with Hot start)

    Hello to all,

    Looking for some advice, recently my car has been reluctant to start when hot. First thing in the morning on a cold start I turn on the ignition, the glow plug light comes on, the car starts no problem. After driving for even a few minutes, and I turn off the engine, and go to restart the car, the glow plug light does not appear on the dash, and the car will then struggle to start, the hotter the engine is, the more it struggles(turning it over on the starter), meaning stopping to fill up at fuel stations is never fun. So far I have changed the Glow plug control module/relay (Part Number 55354141- looks like a small silver box hidden between the fuse box and the wing) and there has been no change in the issue what so ever. I have taken the car to have a Diagnositic test and nothing appeared as a fault. which also strikes me as strange.

    If anyone has had similar issues or experiences and have had this problem solved your help and suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Most hot start issues on diesels I've found to be worn injectors, a quick test you can do is to clamp the fuel return line. If it starts up your most likely looking at a worn injector/s. You'd need a leak off test to determine which are at fault. If you could get live diagnostic data on start up you may see low fuel rail pressure.
    Other suspects are cam and crank sensors.


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      TommyLT , Thank you mate, much appreciated,


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        Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.