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Corsa D dipped and side lights not working

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa D dipped and side lights not working

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. My son has a 2007 Corsa D and he tried to install halogen dipped bulbs to replace standard. The bulbs never worked and when he re-installed the original bulbs neither the dipped or side lights will come on. The main beam is fine. I've spent days trying to resolve the issue with no success. From what I can find, the Corsa D doesnt have fuses /relays for the dipped and side lights and runs through a CANBUS system instead. The bulbs are working fine and it seems really odd that once we have returned the old bulbs there is no operation. Has anyone come across this before please and have any advice as to how we can resolve the issue. Thanks

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    Can you clarify what bulbs were fitted. The standard bulbs are halogen. Were the replacements xenon/hid or led? I believe some high power bulbs do have problems with canbus .Researching your bulb type and make may reveal problems and possible cures. The bulb manufacturers may have a help line /faq that may tell you how to fix the car.
    If you let us know the actual bulbs and make someone may have specific experience. And some of these bulbs involve the use of a ballasts and rewiring etc. Did you have to do any of this?

    Now I must confess ignorance. Until now I didn't realise only the main beams on the Corsa D are conventionally fused and use a relay. As you say the others are probably controlled by canbus. About which I know next to nothing. I suppose if the new bulbs caused an unexpected overload the canbus 'computer may have said no and tripped in some way. And unless reset this will have isolated the circuits even when the correct bulbs are replaced. I'm surprised this also affected the side lights. In the 'old days' these were normally fused separately to prevent you losing both at once . The canbus may well have separate left and right circuits but you will have tripped both .

    Unfortunately I dont know how you can reset the circuit, if this is what happened. It may have to be reset on the ecu/control unit using a diagnostic computer. (lets hope you havnt fried something expensive. You never know these days)

    But there could be a hardware cause. A while back there was a post where he had confused dipped with main. Main and side lights share the same access hatch,which is a round screw off lid. Any connection here?
    The dipped beam is behind a separate flat plate that clips on, and is a real pig to access and replace. The first time I did it i found the dipped beam plug very hard to pull off the bulb.(the secret is to remove the bulb from the headlight with the lead still attached then remove the connector from the bulb where you have more space. And do this when replacing. It helps with feeding the bulb in and out of place .) Is it possible you have damaged the connectors by pulling on the wires? Or not pushing the connector plug on far enough. Its quite a tight fit tight. It would be a bit of bad luck to damage or have problems on all of them at once but you never know.

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