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  • [Corsa D] Air direction not turning

    Hi, I've got a 2010 Corsa and the air direction is stuck on the feet direction which isn't good for the winter as I need to clear the windscreen! Haha.

    The heater still works and the speed works fine too. I have since turned the dial that much that something is snapped off (I'm assuming) as the dial just turns round but doesn't do anything.

    Does anyone know if I just need to buy a replacement heater control set from eBay (around 20 seems to be the price) or is there something else.

    Any guides would be an added bonus.

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    I have never done the job ,although it does seem to be a regular problem. Like you probably have I have had a quick look on you tube and other forums but practical information on how to actually do the job does seem to be thin on the ground. But you may have more luck if you do a google search concentrating on images. You may find workshop manual images etc that will lead you to a website. Or a you tube tutorial on something different such as removing the radio might indirectly show you how to dismantle and gain the access you need.

    On the positive side someone did report on a forum that they had managed to change the flaps to windscreen manually by slipping a hand up behind the dashboard somewhere ,and presumably pushing or pulling on something. This may buy you some time.

    . Someone also mentioned removing the glove box and radio.But I dont know for sure if this is what is required. I have removed the glovebox on my car and its quite easy.There are 3 or 4 philips screws.
    But my car is left hand drive, and what this reveals may be different to a right hand drive car. (I would go and have look for you but its minus 11 at the moment where I am and the car is covered with 2ft of snow!!!)

    Which reminds me, if you do decide to prise apart plastic parts at this time of year, its best to warm the car interior up first to reduce the chances of breakage.

    I believe the control operates via two bowden cables that moves various levers ,hinges etc. Failure could be due to various causes, such as the cable coming unclipped, pivots and hinges coming adrift etc.or plastic parts breaking
    (Bowden cables are like you have on bicycle brakes, an outer case held rigid, with a moving inner cable - in the case of car heating probably a rigid wire so it can both pull and push_)

    You do see a lot of control panels for sale. It may be this is the part that commonly breaks, but some may be reselling a part they found they didnt actually need.

    Personally I would dismantle first to see exactly what has gone wrong. It may be something you can easily fix yourself with a bit of ingenuity. This might mean having to dismantle twice, but its always much easier the second time.

    If you need to remove the cd30 radio you need a pair of removal keys. You can get these for about 1 from china or about 3 from uk suppliers.

    If you wait a bit someone may know the actual answer. And let us know how you get on.