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  • [Corsa D] Help with engine warning lights

    My son has purchased a 2nd hand Corsa D (1st car) and unbeknown to him the engine warning light doesnít light up. This was found out after the black box installed as part of the insurance notified him of an engine warning code P 01410. I checked when turning the ignition on and the engine light doesnít light up therefore I assume someone has disconnected it somehow. My question is related to the engine warning light ho easy is it to reconnect it, is it a fuse or something else? Iím concerned there could be more things wrong or more codes. I havenít taken it to a garage yet as I didnít want to spend any money as I could just return the car for a refund. Any advise or suggestions would be welcomed.

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    The way people do it is to block the light out with a dark cloth or object. I've even had it done to me , didn't notice it until I got the car home. There's no bulbs in the back of the head unit (clocks) . You need to remove the clocks from the dash then the front plastic screen from the clocks . And then if you get a thin knife and lift up the left hand side of the dial , you should see whats stopping the light from shining through.


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      Thanks for the information in regards to the code p01410 which is the o2 sensor would this be an easy fix or could it be something sinister?


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        I think you got to ask yourself. If it was a cheap and easy fix , why blank off the EML . If that's what's happened. You say about returning the car . If it's under warranty asked the garage to fix the EML . That code could be an old one thats never been cleared. You need the EML working to see what is going on .
        let us know what you decide or need more help