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  • [Corsa B] Electrical help needed.

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I am in the process of building a Grass Track car. So I have a Corsa B with a C16SE MPI out of a Mk3 Astra. I bought the engine complete with the ECU and engine looms. The main loom goes down to a 9 pin plug with a relay not so far away from it. Am i correct in thinking this relay is for the fuel pump? So my question is, what colour/colours do I need to put to ignition to get it running? I Have been told by the last owner of the engine that there was no immobiliser fitted to it so it should be fairly simple, Right??
    Any help would be muchly appreciated.
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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    If 'no immobilser fitted' means he mk3 Astra ECU does not have a coded chip incorporated in the car key this may simplify things. With no chip or the wrong code on later cars the ecu will normally disable the fuel pump and possibly mess with other functions. It might not run even if you get independent power to the pump.

    I cant help regarding wiring to the relay.

    But if its a competition car that will not be used on a highway would it not be better to hot wire the fuel pump independently ? Relays are just a way of saving GM a few pennies on heavy duty wiring and switches. If you wired the fuel pump separately using heavy duty cable and a dedicated 'fuel off' switch it might be more reliable than using a delicate relay. It would also look the part ,and be a safety feature additional to the clearly market battery isolation switch often required for such events.