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Phone speaker not working

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  • [Corsa E] Phone speaker not working

    I have a 2015 Corsa and a few days ago the phone speaker just stopped working. All other audio is working and incoming phone calls will ring but I canít hear anything once the phone is answered.
    Ive checked phone settings and tried re pairing the device.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I haven't used the system in a Corsa, but on mine the phone audio volume is different to that of music etc. Try making a phone call, and during the call turning the volume up on the stereo AND also on your phone. Clearly I don't condone touching your phone whilst driving, so do this when parked up safely
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      I have yet to reach the bluetooth hands free era on my cars so have limited knowledge. But I vaguely recall reading about phone settings that might go beyond the more obvious ones like bluetooth on/off, volume settings etc that you may already have checked. You may have more luck researching forums for your particular make and model of phone rather than the car.

      Have you done anything that may have reset the phone settings to default?

      I sometimes connect my pc or smartphone to a small bluetooth speaker. Sometimes the pc might lose contact with the speaker, even though its still set to bluetooth and appears to be paired. Yet when I try the smartphone that connects to the speaker without problem. Or vice versa.
      It usually reconnects by a strategy that amounts to 'switching it off and switching it on again' . Turning bluetooth off then on again sometimes works. OR disconnecting the pairing to the device then detecting it again and re installing it as a new device may work. Sometimes restarting the pc or phone works. But this is a simple connection. Hands free may be even more complex or involve separate settings