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2014 Corsa D 1.2 Limited Edition. DEAD

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  • [Corsa D] 2014 Corsa D 1.2 Limited Edition. DEAD

    Recently come by a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 (2014) 64 plate only done 27k

    Running on the 24th December it did a 200 mile day Brimmed the tank went to it xmas day at 6pm and dead.
    Battery is ok. All fuses ok
    Battery holding 12.5v thought my be low when ignition is on so put the jump leads from my van to it to give it extra charge. Ensuring the battery was 13v +
    Central locking working and full closure on the key. lights flash to confirm.
    Put key in the ignition and turn - Nothing.
    The only thing that does happen is the hazzard light switch illuminates.
    Interior light works. side lights work

    no radio no dash lights, no back light - no engine oil or spanner no nothing.
    no heater fan no rear heated screen, no centre display lights up unless you press the buttons
    no headlights
    no wipers
    OBD socket is minus the ignition sense so cant us Op-Com or Autel Scanner.
    Comes back with no can comm to ECU check ignition is switched on.

    I have checked every fuse on the car inside and under the bonnet. All ok. Opened up under engine compartment fuse box no water ingress or corrosion on plug.
    Internal BCM fuse box all ok 2 plugs in the back are clean no corrosion and firmly inserted locked into place. All 3 lock in plugs on the front the same. 12v to the supply plug to BCM.

    I've put it down to BCM being fault. but not 100% could it be the ignition switch as there logic on these but never known one to fail. Has anyone else had this issue on a Corsa D 2006-2014 model. ?

    Would be nice to get to the bottom of this and post my findings. Seems many feeds on here end and no one says what the actual fault was.

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    Hi welcome to the forum. It sounds like to me that either the key has lost its signal with the transponder. Or something has happened to the BCM. If you've have only just purchased the car. Anything could have been swapped over on the engine management. If you could get a wiring diagram it's possible to put in live feeds so op-com can at least read the ECU , and see if the VIN numbers match up . But your problem is going to be getting a wiring diagram for that year 2014 . If you know someone who subscribes to Autodata it may be on there . I've had a couple of corsa like this and the easy way to get around this is to do a complete ECU engine management swap. What some people do is just try and swap the ECU and reprogram it to the car . That's ok as long as you divorce the original ECU and marry the swapped ECU to the car . I don't know if this has happened in your case. Because what happens is the ECU works for a while. Then loses its signal. And if you've haven't got the original security code and ECU you can't go back . As I said swapping the whole ECU and management kit is possibly one way round it . But there isn't going to be many kits about for that year.
    good luck.


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      Your right BCM dead - Vauxhall stated its very rare on 2012 onwards corsa. but this is a 2014 with 27k that was fine all December till the 23rd. Filled it up drove home. Parked up went out to it Xmas day at 6pm DEAD my vehicle has all the book pack and all security its just the case of the security code coming with the new part.

      Well after a bit of research being in Auto diagnostics for a living Any BCM from 2006 to 2014 will fit. so found a 2009 this morning went and bought that and got back plugged that in and hey presto we had ignition lights.
      I have the security code so with my tech2 just recoded the BCM and wallahhh we have a running corsa again. I had posted somewhere else and one person replied said it was the starter motor.
      Well i laughed so much i got stitch

      The Ecu change on this car wouldn't stop the dash lighting up when you turn the key. in this case there was no dash lights. only half the BCM was working. It was giving BCM and CIM no comms but the more i probed the more i thought BCM well it was a quick repair in the end. thank you for the input you was nearly on the ball


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        No probs glad you got it sorted.


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          So am i, But one motor will always beat us for a while.


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            I know mate .been there many a time. It's the nature of our trade . Stick around on the forum and give some advice for others .


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              I will many thanks.


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                Hey DCVL, I am having the same issues albeit with a greater back-story...

                Mine is a 56 plate 1.2 Corsa D and after many niggling problems, I ended up with an F on the dash... Funny enough it's Restorer who pointed me toward the BCM being at fault (I thought it would be more ECU) but how did you/do I test for power/voltage going to BCM?

                After unplugging all the elements of the unit the power has gone and I am getting no response from the car.

                I have ordered a replacement, along with OpCom and an ECU in reserve, but if I can get a multimeter at it first it will be interesting to see where my fault lies.

                Thanks for your time