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2010 corsa SE aux not working

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  • [Corsa D] 2010 corsa SE aux not working

    hello, I recently bought a 2010 corse SE and it has an aux input but when I plug my phone in, I cannot find any options to play music from the aux. I have tried pressing fm/am and cd and tried the steering wheel buttons, any help would be appreciated. The car is fitted with a cd30. thanks.

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    My 2010 car also has a cd30. I think only the later cd30 mp3 version of the radio comes with a socket at the back that makes it relatively easy to fit an aux lead kit.(Its an extra that may not be factory fitted).

    There are videos on you tube that tell you how to fit an aux lead to a non mp3 radio. It may help if you watch them. I believe this involves soldering in wires and is quite complex.The cd30 software may not be able to display 'aux' as an option. They may use some form of workround for the external input. But I'm only speculating. I havnt watched the videos in detail.

    Its possible whoever fitted the lead to your non mp3 radio never got it to work, or didnt do the wiring very well and its failed. You might need to remove the radio and check the aux wiring at the back . For this you need the special removal/release tools that fit into the front of the radio (Quite cheap on ebay)


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      Stop press. Before removing the radio see if the aux lead works with the radio set to cd. (and check to see if the previous owner has fitted some sort of switch) Your thread got me thinking about fitting an aux lead to my Yaris. I found mention of connecting an aux via the input jack for a cd multichanger unit. (dont try it without checking further folks)

      I only looked at one you tube video. That had very poor english, but convinced me its possible.He had wires poked into a connector at the back, and there might have been a switch . I have assumed there will be others videos on the subject but there may not be.


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        To use the AUX lead you have to cycle through the FM Radio options. Press it a few times and AUX appears
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          Originally posted by Michael View Post
          To use the AUX lead you have to cycle through the FM Radio options. Press it a few times and AUX appears
          Lets hope its that simple. But if that doesnt work try putting a CD into the radio UPSIDE DOWN.This gives an error message but may allow the aux to play. If your aux lead is wired in this way you may not be able to play CD's unless a switch has been added that can disable the aux.

          I have found out thats how they fit an aux to my Yaris. You need to convert the aux analogue' input signal to digital out using an analogue to digital converter (which needs its own 5v power supply), then hijack the cd circuit by soldering digital leads onto the circuit board. A lot of complex dismantling to get inside the radio, delicate soldering and about 12 in parts. I decided I didnt need an aux that much! Fitting may be easier on the corsa. The Yaris cannot display an aux setting as it was never designed to have one.Maybe the corsa cd30 can but the upside down cd idea is worth a try.

          If any one is thinking of doing a similar job note the converter needs to be analogue to digital, which are much harder to find then the similar looking digital to analogue versions.

          Originally I saw aux leads on e bay claiming to be plug and play for my 2007 yaris. Fortunately I smelled a rat before buying when I noticed one listing was 20 pin and the other 12 pin . They might fit US spec cars but they dont work on euro spec radios. (same way the plug and play leads for the corsa cd30mp3 dont work on the earlier mp30. )
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            Both my Corsa Ds (MY08 SXi and MY10) both require the CD/MP3 button a few times (not FM)

            Actually...I can't remember which of the 2 buttons it was, but that's definitely what you do if it's a CD30 in a Corsa D
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