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  • [Corsa D] corsa D fuel gauge

    Hi Iíve just bought my wife a 2008 1.4 sxi and the fuel gauge or the fuel light are not working Iíve had the sender unit checked with a multimeter and seams to be ok also Iíve tried another set of clocks in to try and see if the gauge moved and they also did an actuator test on the gauge itself where the light could be turned on and of also the gauge from empty / half / full and bk down to empty but still at a loss has anyone had any similar problem thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I believe fuse F3 (7.5 Amp) is the one for the fuel gauge, but it also feeds other items, including F&R wipers/washers and indicators, so if these other items are working OK, the fuse is obviously intact.
    From my understanding of what you say, you have checked the tank sender unit with a multimeter and the gauge itself by substitution, pus the existing gauge/light have been successfully tested.
    Providing that you have battery voltage at the red wire which comes to the instrument panel, the likely cause of the problem, is a broken wire or bad connection in the wire between the instrument panel and the tank sender unit.