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Rear parking sensors or camera? 2015 Corsa E.

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  • [Corsa E] Rear parking sensors or camera? 2015 Corsa E.

    My elderly father is driving the Corsa a bit, I am worried about parking. It has the infotainment screen. Is it best to buy a camera that goes on the no. plate? Is it easy wiring?

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    I have a reverse camera that I fitted myself, if I'm honest it's not a great experience, and I doubt you could make it work with the built in unit in the car. My recommendation would be to have sensors fitted, the cameras make you lazy and as I found out at great expense lately (link here), are no substitute for mirrors!

    Both my Mercedes had reverse cameras (the latest one had sensors and a camera which was nice, also had auto park, I miss those features!) that actually showed where you'd end up based on steering wheel position, that was fantastic, but aftermarket ones are generally dreadful.
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      thanks, I will try a Vauxhall spares places.