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Replaced side light bulb but not working.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Replaced side light bulb but not working.

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    Hi welcome to the Forum

    If it one of the capless type 501 bulbs that has two bare wires these can be temperamental if the side wires have been dislodged slightly out of place. Even if you test the bulb is working using a multimeter that does not guarantee the bulb holder is making good contact with the contact wires.

    Try again with another new bulb. They are not expensive . Try to buy one that is a different brand to the one you were trying, in case that brand are all a bit rubbish.

    Even if it turns out the problem is not the bulb it just means you now have a spare,.

    Or in the meantime ,before buying a replacement, you could try swopping bulbs over with one known to be working to see if that works in its place. , You could use the side light bulb from the other side of the car, but may find it quicker and easier to use the bulb from one of the number plate lights.

    I am assuming that you have standard bulbs, not led ones. Led ones are polarity sensitive, and may work if you remove the bulbs and put it in the other way round
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      Also always test it works before refitting


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        Welcome to the Forum.

        What I am saying here applies to the Corsa 'C', but I wouldn't think is much different on the 'D'
        The fuse for the RIGHT HAND side light and RIGHT HAND tail light is F39 (5Amp)
        The fuse for the LEFT HAND side light and LEFT HAND tail light is F38 (5Amp)
        Both sides are fed from the same relay.



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