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2009 1.3 CDTi Ecoflex - Oxygen Sensors

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2009 1.3 CDTi Ecoflex - Oxygen Sensors

    Hi all,

    Looking for some info on what oxygen sensors I need. Are the two different? Could anyone post a link to purchase please. Car in title.

    Thanks all.
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    There are two oxygen sensors, but to be able to say which (if any) you need, we would need more information
    Can you tell us why you think you need one.
    Are there any fault codes that might suggest an oxygen sensor fault.
    If you do need a new one, I would STRONGLY recommend that you buy a genuine Vauxhall one, as some of the others, whilst being cheaper, are not necessarily very reliable, quite often being down to just good (or bad) luck as to which you end up with.