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Daytime running lights?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Daytime running lights?

    i have just acquired a 2012 corsa for my daughter.
    the offside sidelight seems to be on all the time but not the near side
    do they have daytime running lights and the near side bulb has gone ?
    wierdest thing is you can turn on the sidelights on the dashboard and both sides are on - am I missing something?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    It was a legal requirement for manufacturer to fit daytime running lights from February 2011 so your car will have them. They always come on automatically. You cannot chose to switch them on and off..

    As you say one of the bulbs has probably blown. Or possibly a fuse if each side is fused separately.

    Side lights are a separate thing and on a different electrical circuit. They are the same as cars have always had, showing lights at front and rear, when you switch them on.
    I am not sure but the front side lights might not come on when the daytime running lights are on,(or should be on) because it is an unnecessary duplication, but the rear ones would come on., But it will still have front side lights for situations when the car is not running,and the drls are not lit. For instance as parking lights.

    Incidentally corsa side lights can also act as parking lights, with just the bulbs front and rear on the relevant side of the car being lit. You push the indicator stalk up for that side of the car and the lights come on when you lock the car. I have come unstuck once or twice when I accidentally knocked the indicator stalk up with my knee when getting out. In daylight you may not notice they are on. Once it actually flattened the car battery because I was away for some weeks.

    Another thing that might confuse you, is that the instrument lights are always on when you have the ignition on.(or they are on my 2010 car. ) Even when the car lights themselves are switched off. You only notice it when the ambient day light is fairly low. Actually When you switch the car lights on the instrument lights dim automatically.
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