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2010 corsa - key issue and airbag light issue

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  • 2010 corsa - key issue and airbag light issue

    Hi chaps, I've bought a 2010 corsa cdti73 ecoflex and theres a few issue which I'm unsure how to start with;

    1. I was told the airbag light was on however upon receipt of the car I can see a piece of black tape covering the light, how do I get into the clocks to remove the tape? does the plastic screen simply pop out?

    2. There seems to be an issue with the keys where I cant get the central locking to work via the keys or the door lock however when sat in the car it works off the internal button on the console. The keys are also different, one seems to be for ignition and one seems to be for the doors

    Any ideas chaps? thanks Ben

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    Hi. Blanking off a warning light is not same as fixing the problem.. An airbag light is an MOT failure. If you mean the airbag problem is fixed ,the warning light is normally off and you no longer need it taped off to deceive someone (such as an mot tester) you will still need to remove the tape. The presence of masking tape is in itself an mot failure because it would obscure the safety warning light should it activate..

    But I dont know how to remove the screen. An old credit card or similar plastic card, makes a good tool to insert in a join between plastic fittings to prise them apart.

    The ignition is controlled by a magnetic transponder chip in the key ,programmed to the ecu .It responds and returns a signal sent out by the car .It doesnt need a battery.. If this works the ignition key chip must be correctly coded to the ecu.

    The central locking is a separate system ,using a short range radio transmitter,programmed to match a radio receiver in the car. .It has a battery in the key.It may work if you replace the battery in the key. If not An auto lock smith may be able to programme the key to match the central locking.

    You normally only have only one key with both the correct transponder chip and radio 'blip'.

    There may have been a lock replacement . The ignition lock may have been changed,and differs from the door lock. Or door locks changed and differs from the ignition lock . The radio blip may not have been changed at the same time and does not match the cars code and frequency.

    But if the ignition lock and the door locks have differently cut keys you may still need two keys.


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      Thanks for the reply, since my original post I've found out quite a bit...

      I've just spoken to the previous owner who traded it into chorley Nissan on the 13th of april He told me the reason for the issues (two different keys, central locking shagged and milage discrepancy) is because last year he had to change the ECU himself as the old one was "rotten". He said he doesnt know why the airbag light was covered up and on red and he also told me the pistons are shagged because when you get upto 70 it ****s itself and goes into limp home mode.

      Seems like I've brought an absolute pile of crap

      oh and it was advertised as "warrantied"


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        I can't actually lock the passenger side or boot now either


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          This sounds awful, the airbag light being covered is surely enough reason to be able to return it if you bought it from Nissan (I might be reading that wrong) - they've sold you a car that is potentially dangerous (perhaps airbag doesn't work, who knows?) and with falsified warning lights.


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            I'd be surprised if a main Nissan dealer sold a 7 or 8 year old vauxhall direct to the public, especially one with issues. . It probably went to auction, or to a regular trade buyer. Because it has so recently been through the motor trade the chances are whoever sold it to you is a dealer ,even if he (or she) claimed be a private seller. Even genuine private sellers have obligations about fair description and safety issues. I'd have word with Trading standards regarding your legal rights as a buyer. They might already know the seller.

            But if you were told the airbag was on, presumably by the seller, they can argue they told you about the issue. If you did not equate a warning light with something needs fixing it could be regarded as 'caveat emptor' (Buyer beware).
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