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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Adding rear speakers

    Hi, I have a 2014 Corsa 3 door limited edition. I am trying to install rear speakers into the car. I have bought the rear interior cards with speaker grills. The only issue I am running into is finding out if the loom already has the rear speaker wires or do I have to run new wires ?!?

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    They're probably already there as it's easier to have the same loom regardless of spec, but there are no guarantees - it's probably worth popping the door card off and checking.

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      If some 3 door corsa trim levels have rear speakers, and some dont the wiring will probably be there as they normally fit the same wiring looms to all. But if its an aftermarket special rear card because GM dont make a grilled version its more likely you will have to do your own wiring.


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        Do you know what colour the wires will be for the rear speakers ?


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          Not sure. But if the the loom is already in place the speaker wire will probably be obvious when you take the card off. Whatever colour combination you find, look for the same wires at the radio end. (or identify the speaker wires at the radio end then look for them at the speaker end. ) The colours may differ between left and right speaker.

          They may be standard colours that agree with any instructions given with the radio equipment or speakers. But if not the differences in colour is more important than the actual colour,as long as you are sure you are connecting the correct wire to the correct terminal. Anyway If you have to run your own speaker wires the colours would be whatever you buy, or comes in a kit.

          If you need to buy speaker wire you can use the same colour wire for left and right speaker as you know which is which as you install it. But if you do its good idea to label each at the radio end for future reference.


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