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Fuel gauge stuck on empty

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Fuel gauge stuck on empty

    Hi all. This is my first post. Firstly I would like to say hi to everyone and any information shared is greatly appreciated so thank you all in advance.

    I bought my son a 1 litre corsa d for his first car. The timing chain had slipped and I initially thought it was a fuel issue so I removed the fuel pump to see if all was well.
    Anyway since fixing the chain and getting it back on the road. The fuel gauge will not move from empty. Run the car to empty, filled it back to the brim still no sign of working. Bought a new pump and sender, fitted and still no signs of movement. Checked every single fuse and relay yet again still no sign. Please someone help this is driving me absolutely bonkers. I am at a complete loss is there anything else I can check or do.
    Thanks again kev

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    Hi welcome to the forum.
    I believe the pump and sender have separate wiring circuits, so the pump may still work even if the sender does not. . Have you checked the wiring connector plug at the tank? If a terminal in the plug is making a poor connection,maybe as a result of initial removal , it could still be corroded or damaged and still making a poor connection with the new unit.

    You may need to test it with a multi meter. You can probably find a tutorial on you tube. Heres one

    When you checked the fuses did you test them either by substitution or a meter? Although its usually obvious visually when a fuse has blown ,its worth double checking the relevant one.


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      Sender is working fine. I have rechecked the fuses and relays. I even took the fuel pump out and kept the float elevated to make it think it was a full tank. Still showing empty. I am at a real loss now


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        The Sender float operates a rheostat to vary electrical resistance. If maximum resistance, ie no current flowing to the gauge ,will give an empty reading on the gauge ,this would also happen if there is a break somewhere in the plug or wire leading to the gauge. If its the opposite, ie no current flowing would show maximum, then I too am at a loss.

        If by this logic the wiring to the gauge could be faulty its most likely to be the plug that connects to the sender.

        You could test if this in the following way. Identify which of the two wires go to to the sender . Unplug the wire . Then pierce both of these wires with a pin, a short distance down the wire from the plug. Make sure the pins go through the insulation into the copper. Keep the pins separated to prevent any possibility of a short circuit. You might need to add short 'tails' of wire to the pins .Then touch the pin probes to both the relevant sender terminals to see if there is now any action on the gauge. If there is the plug is faulty.

        If necessary you could extend this test by connecting your probes to the correct wires much nearer the fuse box. Have the probes on a long wire, or bring the sender nearer. You may be able to touch probes direct to copper terminals without needing to pierce wires. This would identify or eliminate any break in wiring between the front and rear of the car. Problem is locating the correct wires and being sure the test you carry out will correctly identify any fault and not cause any damage to delicate electronics ,ecu etc by short circuits etc. I cant help you here

        . The test at the tank shouldnt cause any problems as long its the correct two wires. But of course dont do any testing there with the unit removed and fuel tank still open. Any spark could be your last.

        Also i know from experience that when doing multiple tests you can often get false results because a probe is not making good contact, or you forgot to have ignition on or something switched on.

        A bit like the old joke about indicators. "Theyre working. No they're not, Yes they are, no they're not."


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          I will do some further digging. Day off it today few beers and a bbq was more important lol. Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted on the outcome


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            faulty earth return, this is usually a poor earth contact .A gauge showing full is the opposite, poor power feed.