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Speaker Upgrade - Corsa 1.0T ecoFLEX SRi Vx-line

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Speaker Upgrade - Corsa 1.0T ecoFLEX SRi Vx-line

    Hi Guys,

    I've just signed on the line for my 2015 Corsa 1.0T ecoFLEX SRi Vx-line (3 door)

    I want to upgrade the speakers and wondered what i'd need to do this? Is there any tutorials on here or anywhere on the web? Am i correct in thinking that if i update the speakers (only) that it will sound better when i turn up the audio or will i need an amp too?

    I just need to know speaker sizes and any adapters i might need.


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    froster It looks like that year can handle 165mm in front, and 130mm in rear with adpaters (links below, double check they're suitable for your model though).

    CT25VX06 165mm Front Door Speaker Adaptor Kit Rings For Vauxhall Corsa 2006 On | eBay
    CT25VX05 100mm Rear Side Panel Speaker Adaptor Kit Ring For Vauxhall Corsa 2006> | eBay

    The thing I'm not sure of would be depth, it might be worth having a look to see how much clearance you have behind the existing speakers with the windows up and down (very important - many have put speakers in then found they can't get the window down as they collide!

    Speakers will likely help, but I doubt the head unit/amp is 'top quality', if you are able to also amp the speakers it'd make the world of difference.
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      Thank you for your reply

      Now, whats the difference between coaxial vs component? I've read a component comes with a tweeter and notice the cross has these above the door handles. Would i need to replace them too?



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        Coaxial are usually easier to fit as they're designed to do more frequencies in one unit (they don't need crossovers or tweeters etc). Component ones usually require a tweeter (a subwoofer doesn't hurt either) - but they should also sound better assuming similar speaker quality.

        Not sure you'd actually notice the difference in real use at normal listening volumes, but if your car has tweeters then as long as the replacement tweeters are a similar size it would probably be better to go component and replace the stock tweeters.

        It's all about budget and how much you really care about the sound quality - the possibilities are endless


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          Perfect, Thanks,

          I've bought the adapters from the links you've sent but can't find the audio lead adapters anywhere for my car?


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            froster What do the current adapters look like? Shouldn't be too hard for us to track down something


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              Sorry what do you mean by the current adapters? I only have the speaker adapters to fit the speakers on my car. I don't have the electric adapters yet the attached yet as can't find them to fit my car (Corsa E)
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                froster I mean if you unplug the stock speaker, what does the plug on the car side look like?


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                  Another question...

                  Finding it hard to get full speaker kits (front and back speakers) for the Corsa E 2015. Does the Corsa D have the same speaker sizes as there are loads of kits on ebay for them?



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                    The ebay listing below,although not a full kit, states it contains the ' necessary installation adaptors for the corsa E.' If a partial kit needs them, It follows a full kit would also need at least those adaptors, if not more.

                    The listing gives speaker sizes,mounting depths etc. By comparing it to corsa D kits specifications you might find it can be made to fit if you improvise and make your own adaptors etc.
                    This Ebay sellers listing is in Germany and appears to have a large on- line store. If you contact them , or other on line sellers ,they may have a full kit, or can make one up from compatible parts , or may sell the adaptors separately etc.

                    Vauxhall Opel Corsa E 2014 onwards Pioneer car speakers 165mm component front | eBay
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