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C20Let corsa running issues & Fault codes

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] C20Let corsa running issues & Fault codes

    Righto, been having a few issues with the LET.
    started off with the battery running flat, changed to a new one and worked fine for a week or so then noticed that had also gone flat.

    checked the alternator and its charging the battery

    this could only mean one thing, something was draining it, checked the connections throughout the engine cleaned them and re fitted, charged battery and tried again.

    worked for a while but something was still draining it.

    took the car for a drive, noticed the car stuttered on occasion as if it wanted to cut out & EML flashing up.

    seemed to do it intermittently across the rev range on or off boost.

    got the car home and found a loose earth from alternator to head, this was shorting causing it to stutter and flash up the eml.

    replaced the earth, re tightened and made sure it has a good contact.
    Car starts everytime now & drove well for about an hour.

    now ive noticed its still stuttering and flashing the eml. :boggle:

    ive just flashed the codes, with the engine off i have:

    12 - Start of sequence
    31 - Crank sensor (engine not running)
    48 - Battery Voltage low
    73 - Air flow sensor Voltage Low

    What do you guys reckon? could these be causing the problems? or are these codes flashed up due to my previous issue of a dodgy connection/earth

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    Battery voltage low will be the earth from before I'd imagine, as you've said crank sensor is due to engine being off. I'd be looking into the air flow code. If you have op-com, I'd clear the codes and see which ones come back.

    Failing that, it's likely that whatever is draining your battery is also causing these electrical problems. Do you have a multimeter that can read DC amps?? (Not volts)
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      Is your speedo all wired up correctly?