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Battery charging advice "Off the Car"

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Battery charging advice "Off the Car"

    Hi, as I haven't used my car much recently, the battery has become a bit low on power, barely enough to start it.
    So, I have removed the battery and connected it to a mains charger on trickle charge until tomorrow morning.
    Am I likely to have any problems when I reconnect it and start the car ?
    Any help and advice appreciated, thanks.

    PS-It's a Corsa 1.2 2008 model

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    There's been mention of the handbook telling owners to switch the headlamps on before connecting the battery to prevent power surges affecting the control module. But, posts on here have said they can't find that mentioned in the handbook and there's nothing about it in the repair procedures for working on electrical systems. But I'd read the owner's manual just to make sure.

    Connect the live first and the earth last - as usual.

    There have been instances of some D models suffering a software issue in the body control module after the battery has gone flat. Hopefully that won't affect yours, but if it refuses to fire just bear it in mind. A software upgrade by a dealership is the only cure.
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      Thanks taurus, I can't find anything unusual in the handbook regarding re-connecting the battery.
      I will take normal precautions when re-connecting it though, and let you know if/how it restarts tomorrow.


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        Just an update, car started up, the built-in radio kept all its info, trip meter reset to zero, will probably have buy a new battery though, I'll keep an eye on it in the meantime.