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C20XE wiring help, Air flow sensor plug wiring, ASAP

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  • [All Models] C20XE wiring help, Air flow sensor plug wiring, ASAP

    Hi I have searched everywhere for an answer to this but someone must know. I have a plug for the maf or air flow sensor cant remember the proper name of the sensor, the thing that goes onto the inlet pipe mines a 4 pin plug on the late coil pack type engine but someone has cut the plug off and not gave me one with the loom, I have a plug that fits the sensor spot on of a 1.6 corsa b loom but its the same just the wires don't match up were its on a different car before. My question the plugs labelled 1,2,3 and 4. What colour cables go to what hole? Thanks

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    According to my wiring diagrams I have here, it goes as the following:

    On the plug of a stock XE coilpack MAF

    Pin# - Colour of wire
    1 - brown
    2 - brown/green
    3 - red/blue
    4 - black/white

    Hope this helps. Dave.
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      Finally! Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly, I will get out there now and try it. Also the coolant temp sensor the 2 wires. If you look at the plug with the metal cip you push in facing up/you what colours go left and right? the same situation here aswell got another plug the same but the original plug was cut off. Thanks again


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        No problem, good luck. The Coolant Temp Sensor, I don't actually think it matters which one goes on which pin, as its a simple thermistor, it doesnt get supplied any voltage or anything. The resistance across the two pins falls as temperature increases. The resistance across the two pins will be the same if measured one way, or the revers, so hence I dont think it would matter which one goes where.

        Even on my wiring diagrams, "B24 Engine Coolant Temp Sens" doesnt have pin numbers on its connections, so its not even given on the wiring diagrams. Just says that the two wires are abrown/green and brown/blue.

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          Oh also, its worth noting that the wiring connections to the AFM need to be really good and claen, strong electrical connections. I extended a MAF on a LET to neaten the loom and ran into issues with the wires being dirty when soldered, wasn't a very strong connection electircally. Threw the engine into limp mode etc, threw error codes about the MAF etc.
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            Ok mate brilliant that god then I will give it all a try


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              I'm nor 100% sure there right, have you got a loom to hand to check from? a picture would be even better of the 4 pin connector


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                Whats making you think they aren't correct??

                The information is from the below wiring diagram, which I've used on countless occasions extending LET looms.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	wiringxe1.jpg
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                Component B30 is the MAF, the one highlighted red.

                Zoomed in, you can see the compenent pin numbers, and the corresponding wire colours. The wiring diagrams colour key is german (they all are, Opel/GM being german):
                1 - brown (br)
                2 - brown/green (br/gn)
                3 - red/blue (rt/bl)
                4 - blue/white (bl/ws)
                Click image for larger version

Name:	wiringxe2.JPG
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                - - - Updated - - -

                *EDIT* - I've just noticed i typo'd blue/white to black/white on my original post, that may be where you are getting confused, as there wont be a black/white wire there, its blue/white.
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                  That's fine I think whats happened where it was wired up wrong before it may have blown the sensor I have read a few things and they say that it could happen. Thanks for taking the time to send over these I know its defiantly not the wiring its must be the sensor