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E C U Warning light.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] E C U Warning light.

    Hi guys, (I told you I`d be back). After finally sorting out why it cuts out and wont start for a while, I was out today for about a 4 mile drive, I stopped briefly outside the house while her in doors popped indoors to change her shoes. I left the engine running while I waited ( just a few mins) went a short distance down the road and the little yellow engine light came on and stayed on until I parked up about 5 mins later. Came back to the car after about 20 mins and started it up and the light went off. Got back home and left the car for a few hours. Went out again later for a short drive and returned home leaving the car running on the drive while I opened the garage doors. When I jumped in to put in the garage the light had come on. I have recently changed the C T S. Any ideas guys?


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    If the light is on for any more than about 30 seconds, then its safe to assume that the ECU will have stored the error code for whatever problem its picked up. It's not uncommon for new sensors to be faulty, but we shouldnt jump to conclusions.

    Ideally you want to get someone to connect a diagnostic device to it (like OP-Com, I have one of these, but I'm not local to you I dont think, many other members have them also, its perhaps worth it to put your location up to see if anyone can come out and plug it in for you...) and check for error codes, even ones that are marked as "not present". Not Present codes are ones that the ECU has stored but arent currently an issue. So your recent error code should be one of those.

    Are you the guy with the 1.2 8v? If so you should be able to do a paperclip test on the car also, its a low-tech way of getting th ECU to "read out" its listed error codes. We have a tutuorial for the paper clip test if you need it.

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      What Dave said - paperclip test - link to the destructions. It'll work on yours, and if you disconnect the battery it'll clear the codes (think we've said that before)

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      Just bear in mind it might still have codes from when your dizzy when kaput so you may need to repeat it.
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        Hi again guys, yes Dave its me with the 1.2 8v. There is no obvious signs of a problem. Do you think that I should disconnect the battery again and "reboot" the E C U and take it from there? That paper clip article looks interesting reading, I will have to print it off and have a look.

        Cheers again chaps................. corky


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          Well you don't mention any problem with it running so I'd do as you say and begin by disconnecting the battery, that will clear any codes including any generated when the dizzy was playing up. Leave if off for an hour or so is enough.

          If you still get the eml coming on you can paperclip it and see what's there. But sometimes the older 8v systems just sort themselves out and settle down. The fact that it is coming on when you are leaving it to idle for a while suggests it might be throwing an idle code - but that's just a hunch as they're a bit prone to it when they've been tinkered with.
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            Hi guys, I disconnected the battery and all seemed well. Went to work and back on Monday, no problems. Light came on again while I opened garage doors. Tuesday the same. Today the light came on while I was stuck in traffic but then went off again a bit later. It came on and went off a couple of times after that. I haven't had chance to do the paper clip test yet, been raining and dark when I get home from work. Will have a look at the weekend. One thing I did notice is when I pulled up outside the house the revs seemed a bit high and took a few seconds to drop down to a nice steady idle. Only happened once so far, don't know if its of any significance.



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              You know I said I had a hunch it would throw an idle code - well now I'm almost sure of it. It's a simple thing, the idle control valve is sticking. Take it out and give it a clean with carb cleaner. Clean the port where it sits as well. That'll sort it.
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                Hi Taurus, looks like you were spot on again my friend. Haven't had much chance to look at it because of the wet weather and dark nights, but I did notice as the week has gone on I have slowly lost the idle altogether. It has gone from taking a few seconds to die down to holding the revs high. So today I took the idle control motor off and boy was it gunked up! I got some Wynn`s carb cleaner from Halfords and gave it all a good blast. The chamber that the valve sits in was pretty bad, so gave it the cotton bud treatment. I pulled the rod out of the motor body and cleaned inside as it seemed very tight. I reassembled it and put it all back and it the idle is spot on and the engine seems to be running a lot smoother. Many thanks again chap.

                Till the next time.............................................. ............Regards......corky