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Just bought a DA Machine Polisher Kit

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  • Just bought a DA Machine Polisher Kit

    I know some of you have played with machine polishing (Lee, Mark + others). I've just bought the following:

    AutoBrite Direct (AD) DA21 DA Machine Polisher
    AD "Enrich" Machine Correction Polish
    AD "Final Finish" Finishing Glaze
    AD 6" Microfibre Cutting Disc
    AD 6" Microfibre Finishing Disc
    AD Microfibre cleaning brush
    AD Orange Hard compounding applicator

    I went for a DA (Dual Action) rather than a rotary as it's a lot safer and less chance of burning through the paint etc. Went for the microfibre pads instead of foam pads because they have higher cutting ability than the foam ones, and last a lot longer. Always been a fan of AutoBrite stuff, used most of their products for a while now.

    Anyone have any tips/tricks for machine polishing with a DA rather than a rotary? I think I've got it in my head pretty much what to do but any pointers or observations greatly appreciated. The paint on the skyline isn't even that bad, I just wanted a machine polisher to try out, have done for a while now. Got that little lot above at a price I couldnt argue with too.

    |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|

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    Get two
    Lots of the pads and we can do at same time using mine haha! Easy tbh just watch few tutorials on YouTube and done press down at all


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      Haha, tbh I havent placed the order yet as its a special deal made with the bloke that owns AutoBrite, and he's back in work on the 2nd of Jan, so have to give him a ring then and place the order, if you wanted anything added on I'm getting it delviered for free so shout now.
      |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|


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        Get some scrap panels to test with, safest bet


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          Although that sounds sensible I probably won't do that. It's a lot of effort ad these days I don't have spare wings knocking about like I did a few years back. Plus I would need to spend out on separate pads as I wouldn't want old used pads from test panels touching he paint of the skyline.

          I think I'll just start slowly on an inconspicuous area low down on the car lol
          |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|


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            Just bought a DA Machine Polisher Kit

            Test it out on a neighbours car whilst they're asleep


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              Jts car is white...


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                Haha. Jt is quite a way away though... I'm happy trying it out on my car first tbh. That's not a worry to me. Was more after technique tips and general observations from people that have done it before. Mark gave me a few tips yesterday that were helpful.
                |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|


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                  Dave don't worry about damaging panels as you would have to leave the DA on full speed with no compound or wax on for a long time before you make a slight burn mark.

                  Just always use a good amount of water with G3 and similar compounds, and for compound use speed setting 3-4 and I found for best wax results use 2-3. If you have very bad scratches use 4-5 speed setting and use one of these MEGUIARS SCRATCHX 2.0 207ml SCRATCH REMOVER + SWIRLX SWIRL X REMOVER POLISH |

                  Tried quite a few and always get fantastic results and it's easy to remove afterwards too.

                  G3 is good for finer scratches and Meguiars compound always seems to get you a good polished surface ready for your wax.

                  Get fed up of people saying the more expensive products are better at the end of the day it's down to using them correctly, always use a little pressure too, also keeping the DA moving makes for best results.

                  I know you haven't gone for this but same rules apply:


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                    Just bought a DA Machine Polisher Kit

                    All Id say is take it easy and don't start too aggressive. Start with the least abrasive and if it needs more work up. But always work back down to the finest too to get that gleaming shine.
                    Work in small sections and use the polish sparingly.
                    Glaze will help to hide small swirls and marks (ideal if your going to a show) but won't actually correct them.
                    Always make sure you get rid of all residue after polish and don't contaminate pads with polish they weren't designed for.
                    One last thing.
                    Always seal or wax after for maximum shine and protection from the elements to keep your hard work gleaming!

                    Product wise Iv used both poor boys and autofinesse.
                    But in reality all brands will work if designed for car paint.
                    Lots of patience and keep it moving till it's just about dry then buff off and see what needs doing


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                      Cheers tanktop and DetailBros.

                      Regarding waxing/sealing afterwards, I plan to correct the paint for the most part until im happy with it, then wash the car, and apply PurityX as a sealant, followed then by 2 or 3 coats of Fusso Soft99 Light wax. I believe thats the correct procedure, seal first, then wax.
                      |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|


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                        Yep wax is always a last stage.
                        It doesn't necessarily need washing after polish if you can get the residue off with a cloth. Just buff hard by hand or use the orbital with a soft micro head.
                        Best practice would be to mask off any plastic trims then it's straight into protection