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  • cleaning help

    hello all

    i was wondering if anyone knows a way to help:

    there roads near me have been recovered with that chipping crap, so from having to drive on it i have what i think is little spots of tar. on the bottom of the drivers door ive washed and washed it but i can get it off.

    i would love to find away to get it off

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    Clay bar will get it off or even a steam pressure washer will to, can also use bug and tar remover but I haven't tried that one yet, others worked for me (same road repair ****)


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      thank you will try


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        panel wipe works well too.


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          Get some tfr on it just make sure you give a car a really good wash after using tfr


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            WD40 will also work well.


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              Get a clay bar and use that, make sure to put plenty of water on it to lubricate it.

              Alternatively if you're cheap you can use blu-tak, but you won't get the same results and for the price of a clay bar its just better to get one.


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                dont use a clay bar, its not its intended purpose, you will do more damage to surrounding paintwork

                use a proper tar remover, (not autoglym as its as weak as carling lager) and dissolve the tar first, this will take roughly a minute to eat into the tar, then wipe it off, concentrating on a small section of the panel at a time

                after youve used tar remover, wash the car again to make sure youve removed any excess tar remover


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                  cleaning help

                  Just use some dedicated tar remover such as abliTARate from auto finesse and it should come right off