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Dust repellant?

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  • Dust repellant?

    So I wash my car every 3 days and use a Mothers spray wax. Weekly I take it through the car wash and get the Simonz Hot wax done. EVERY SINGLE TIME I wash my car, the next day the dust has attracted to it like a magnet. How can I stop this from happening?

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    What colour is the car


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      It happens to both my cars, one is ABP - Aurora Black Pearl and the other is 6K4 - Black Jade Pearl which is a metallic DEEP green during the day and black at night


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        Joys of owning dark cars


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          and living in the desert :'(

          the ABP one i dont care too much about because thats my womans car and its just a kia. the 6K4 is my lexus and I care a lot about how that looks lol


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            for a start, if you can stop using car washes, the smoother and cleaner the paint, the more 'repellent' itll start to become, because contamination wont have anywhere to live, and car washes are the worst thing you can use

            once the car is clean, use a good modern synthetic paste wax and build up the layers, this wont repel dust like opposite magnets, but it means the dust will just easily rinse off


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              Well the wash I pay for, I get the car cleaned, Rain-X waxed and then teflon coated.... and then I go over it with a spray wax once every few days to wipe off the dust. I just hate that once its washed, I go home, and then the next day its dusty as ****. I live in a flat, so I cant just wander over and grab a garden hose and hose it down (I wouldnt want to with the toxic human slime that comes out as "water") so I have to keep taking it places to clean it..... Im about to just let it clump up with dirt. Living in a desert sucks balls