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Removing Paint chips

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  • Removing Paint chips

    New to the whole car detailing thing, so sorry if this is a basic question!
    I have quite a few small stone chips around the bonnet of my car, and I was wondering if there was a standard cheap and reliable way to repair them?
    I've got a white 2017 corsa white edition.

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    How about this? Halfords Vauxhall Glacier White Scratch & Chip Repair Kit | Halfords UK

    This is a two part system. First step is to fill the chip using a high build primer filler, then a top coat. Halfords also do a single part paint pen in generic white for £5.49 but the two part system is probably much better.

    A third , much less satisfactory, system is is a touch up crayon.Available in a small range of colours these are basically a soft crayon that fills the chip up with (in your case white), wax. Might be ok on an older car but may not be much cheaper.


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      As this is a subject that may attract other views in the future, ( and I am currently day 7 of a compulsory 14 day travel quarantine ) I will add a bit more

      Its a common mistake of beginners to assume that a good thick coat of auto paint will hide surface imperfections. More often than not it makes it show up even more. Buying a touch up pen of paint and filling in a stone chip with paint might be good enough if all you want to do is prevent it rusting. But auto paint tends to shrink and sink into the cavity as it dries. And even if you are lucky enough to fill the chip fully, such a deep coat of paint may take a very long time to fully harden. Any attempt to blend it in to the surrounding surface might end in a mess. .

      High build primer overcomes this by filling the blemish chip depression with what is in effect a body filler.This is designed to dry quickly without shrinking and to be fairly quick and easy to gently rub down and blend into a smooth surface. It is then topped by a thin coat of body colour. Certainly worth the extra £3 cost.

      A second mistake of beginners is to try and rush things. You must allow at least the minimum drying times and be very gentle and patient with blending in. Its more patience than skill.

      Quickest and easiest of the lot is a scratch pen crayon to fill the chip or ,scratch with thick wax . But these only come in a limited range of generic colours, black ,white, light silver etc. .You might be lucky to get a good match But its best not to use a scratch pen if you later intend,or need to do the job properly with paint as you would need to completely remove all wax for a satisfactory paint job.

      If there are a lot of chips It might be cost and time effective to get the whole panel resprayed by a professional bodyshop. Especially with a non metallic colour that may be easier to colour match. You would need to shop around for a good deal as some bodyshops are more interested in insurance jobs for mega bucks. But them knowing you can easily walk ( drive ! ) away if necessary may help you drive a better bargain.

      Annoying as they are a few stone chips are at least an indication that the car has probably not had recent front end crash repairs.