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  • Clean Windscreen.

    The windscreen on my corsa has a thin film of bodywork protection fluid (similar to the diamond finish) all over it, it gives the impression of being misted up on the inside slightly but its on the outside, I have tried all the usual glass cleaners,spirits, vinegar, cillit bang,cellulose thinners, but nothing works, am thinking about very fine steel wool now , has anybody any ideas please.

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    Not an area where i would like to comment as the use of an over aggressive abrasive could easily ruin the screen . Very much at your own risk. If you know the actual product used there may be recommended solvent . But paint sealants are designed to be resistant. Even Rain-x can be difficult to remove.

    I'm not sure i would risk using wire wool but you could test it out somewhere out of the line of sight.

    ordinary tooth paste works quite well as a mild abrasive on glass, with lots polishing and lubrication. But it might take forever to do the whole screen. Or paintwork restorers such as T cut. Or special glass resurfacing abrasive liquid/paste designed to polish out slight scratches caused by gritty wiper blades. (or wire wool if you are not careful) But as always the more effective and rapid an abrasive the quicker things can go horribly wrong, with uneven polishing, hazy patches .etc. And I repeat At your own risk. Its easy to over do it.

    You could try going in to a commercial specialist car paint factors( rather than Halfords etc.) They usually sell rubbing compounds etc in a variety of grades and products and solvents for removing difficult contaminants .Possibly stuff used by the trade that is normally considered too volatile to be trusted to ordinary 'punters'. They may have just what you need. .


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      I have just found out that it is a ceramic coating.! Just about the worst thing to get off i would imagine, will try the manufacturers first i think.


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        eek. . I had hoped that Toluene or some other concentrated solvent ,that they dont normally sell cos it melts rubber gloves etc might work but I think I read somewhere that once dry there is no solvent that will take ceramic coatings off. Unless that just means a solvent available to the public.

        It might be possible to abrade it off using a very fine abrasive glass scratch repair product but I dont think the stuff is cheap and probably a lot of work. You might need to work down in stages from coarser. to very fine,and knowing just when to stop. .

        I did once clean the bloom off plastic headlight lenses using very fine wet and dry paper with lots of soap and water but even a fine 2500 grade was not yet crystal clear. I did manage to get an acceptable clarity by very carefully mechanically buffing them up using T- cut type stuff and water as a lubricant but it took along time, even on perspex.

        My point is if your headlights would benefit from this treatment you could buy one of the headlight renovation kits with the special polishes etc , do the headlights , then try a little bit of the stuff on the windscreen outside the wiped area. If it works well enough and fast enough to consider doing the whole screen you may be able buy a similar product in a larger bottle size.

        Or go straight to buying a glass renovation polish and if it doesnt work you can at least use it on headlights in the future. ,probably enough to last a life time of cars .

        But ultimately it might work out cheaper to replace the screen.

        Good luck.
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          Hi Bugman, it worries me a bit when you reply with EEEEK.! Your last comment frst, as its my wifes car and its not yet two years old i think i'll leave that till last, I will try to contact manufacturer to get their feedback first then try the glass polishing kit or headlight polishing kit which i think i may still have something lurking on a shelf in my workshop,
          Will let you know how it goes in the New Year, Thanks for all your advice, hope you have a Happy New Year.
          Regards, MOBY


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            Yeah Sorry about the eek. These ceramic based finishes sound great when it comes to keeping tree sap ,bird poo etc at bay, but not for looking through, or removing. I did wonder about 'hair of the dog that bit you'. Could the treatment, in its liquid form actually contain a solvent that might dissolve itself again if you wipe it off quickly. ?

            Also if the car is only 2 years old was the treatment done by the main dealer as some sort of protective coating upgrade? if so you might have cause for complaint under guarantee.