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Collecting my first Corsa

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  • Collecting my first Corsa


    We are picking up our new second hand corsa on Tuesday

    The wife has tasked me with keeping it tip top

    What cleaners and waxes do you use and recommend?

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    It all depends on budget and how shiny you want it to be.
    You can obviously buy fairly cheap car cleaning kits, or you can spend hundreds, probably even thousands on top end stuff.

    Is the paintwork already in quite good condition?

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      It can also depend on colour. Black and full bodied colours like dark blue take well to a shine and are worth the effort. Others ,such as silvers,greys and whites may not benefit as much.

      When I used to go to car shows I used Mer Polish. You can still buy it but there are probably better products available now . I am no stranger to the pleasure of getting a high shine on my cars .

      But I very rarely polish them these days. I just chose a colour that doesnt show the dirt quite as obviously. . I dont think I have polished either in at least 5 years. They still come up as shiney as new with just a thorough wash with car shampoo .I dont use wash and wax shampoo, as I dont want a wax polished windscreen.

      Take a look at this review of car waxes Best car wax and sealant 2020 | Auto ExpressClick image for larger version

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      Both cars are in Bulgaria the moment (The corsa lives there) Some is village dust, most is sahara sand which is very bad over eastern europe at the moment. Some is bee poo -about 30 hives within 50 M. The Corsa was only washed 2 days ago. The yaris was washed about a month ago. Not much different really. you can only get so dirty!
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