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  • [Slate] ebay sellers

    where do i start i ordered a op-com diagnostics adapter and lead on the 21st-Dec-2014 i then got a message on the 29th-Dec-2014

    this is what they sent me
    We're writing to let you know that we've removed an item you recently won:
    161447174698 - Auto Car Diagnostic Interface OPEL OP-COM Scan Tool Scanner Code Reader

    Since you've already paid for the item, you don't need to do anything else. If your item hasn't arrived yet, it should arrive soon

    i messaged the seller asking would i still get the item they said they sent it out on the 22nd of dec 2014

    ive messaged the seller and opened a request to what was happening this is what the seller said

    "'Tks for your information and please know that we did ship out on 2014-12-22 09:32:16 without tracking # and it will take 16~31 (which equals to 19~40 days ) days to arrive.Please wait patiently for it and you will not miss it..If still not arrival after the delivery date,just keep us informed and we will help you solve it. Is that ok?Tks for understanding.'

    now i have since ordered stuff from same location and from america and hasnt took half as long to arrive

    so to anyone wanting to buy one of these steer clear of ebay seller "tommorowhome "

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    Stuff ordered from china always takes a long time.. 2-3 weeks is typical to the uk,especially for bulkier packages although it can come in 7 days. It has to find space on a flight. It could be even longer to Eire as there may be no direct flights from China,unlike from the USA.It probably has to change flights either in the UK or it may even come via USA,which means finding space on a second plane. Tomorrowhome's shipping time does seem longer than most and 'removed' is a confusing word to use on an Ebay bid! They must be using a cheapo 'as and when' shipping option.
    Personally I try and find a seller with stock located in the uk,even though the price may be a bit higher, and you are still often dealing with a trader based in China. And why is it so many uk based e bay sellers all have identical stuff,with almost identical adverts, all located in the same town? Are they multiple small traders,holding no stock, all having the item posted to you direct by the same wholesaler (drop shipping)? Probably.Its not easy to tell.


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      yeah i understand that but it was just the item i was watching for a good while then decided to order it and 8 days later they removed the item and have promised it would be sent and not to worry and still no sign of the item. I know the shipping takes longer as its further away and they have to be using a cheap delivery service ive messaged the seller and they have said 'Dear buyer, so sorry to hear that and how about we resend it if you can t receive it next Monday, is that ok? Thanks for your understanding.'

      so hopefully this one should turn up, in future i think i will just buy from uk sellers as i need the the item to do a quick check on the corsa as the airbag light is on and need to rest the ecu


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        Sounds like ebay have removed the listing as it contravenes their listing rules. As there is now no physical listing of it, I'd file a dispute with both ebay and paypal, get your cash back, and wait for it to arrive. If it arrives, bonus, if not you're not out of pocket.
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          ive opened a dispute with ebay and paypal and am awaiting a response hopefully it shows up as i kinda need it and sick of giving the local mechanic €20 each time to read a fault and knock the light out