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Drive Vauxhall, Bury st Edmunds.

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    That sounds fantastic, hard to come by!


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      Thats great . its always good to find a dealer willing to make an extra effort.

      But I am an old cynic and see some slight negatives to having a car brought to you. Its good to hear a car started from cold rather than when its warmed up from a 135 mile trip.

      I have in the past gone to look at one car and ended up choosing another one off the same forecourt. Sometimes this had not yet been advertised and I fondly imagined I had 'snapped it up' before anyone else got the chance. .
      Its not so easy to clinch a deal by getting them to throw in freebies such as Vauxhall mats or getting them to sort out a slight fault first.

      And not so easy for some people to say 'thanks but no thanks' after they have gone to all that effort.

      And bear in mind they might only be willing to do it for a car that may be a slower seller due to less demand. In your case this might just be because its an automatic.

      They are only slight negatives as you are buying a nearly new car from a reputable dealer, and asked them to do it. . But anyone buying an older used car should be very wary if the seller suggests they bring the car to you to have a look.


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